Are E-Books Bad For Your Health?


We all know that reading is good for the mind and brain, regardless of whether it is fiction or nonfiction. And in this day and age, e-books are a common — and convenient — form of reading, especially when it’s time to wind down and turn in for the night. But one recent study suggests that reading from an LED screen just before bedtime can contribute to poor sleep patterns.

Researchers in Boston asked participants to read a print book for a few hours during one week, then do the same routine another week with a light-emitting e-book. After studying their sleep patterns, they found that the participants had more trouble falling asleep when reading an e-book, had less REM sleep, and felt more tired in the morning compared to the days they read a print book.

The reason could be due to the effect of the light waves on the eyes, and the suppression of the hormone melatonin, which monitors the sleep and wake cycles. So next time you pick up your e-book to help put you to sleep at night, you might actually be doing the opposite and disrupting your sleep patterns. Instead, pick up a print book.

Information gathered from NY Times.

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