Being Happy Is Good For Your Health


Now that the new year is here, it’s probably safe to say that part of your new year’s resolution was to be happy and more positive in 2015. Happiness is a key part to living a good life, but did you know that happiness can also play a role in your health?

Many studies have shown a connection between psychological and physical well-being. One particular study did an analysis of the other studies and found a connection between positive psychological attributes like happiness, optimism, and life satisfaction had a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease. The researchers made it clear that happiness alone does not help prevent heart attacks, but rather it’s more about having a good sense of well-being that makes it easier to maintain good habits. They also state that people who have an optimistic mindset may be more likely to engage in healthy behaviors because they perceive them as helpful tools in achieving their goals.

Having a positive outlook can help lower blood pressure, regulate body weight and maintain healthier blood fat profiles. Being happy can greatly influence your well-being. So do whatever you want that will make you happy. You are the only one who determines your happiness and the only one who controls your health.

Information gathered from CNN.


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