More Benefits to Eating Home Cooked Meals


Eating home cooked meals are always the better option, but is seems like these days, everyone is eating out. Eating at home not only fosters a better environment and promotes better relationships for families but a new study also shows that if you eat home cooked meals often, you eat fewer calories than those who eat out especially since portion sizes in the United States have gotten out of control.  They are greater than the recommended daily serving size recommended by the government and definitely greater in size than what other countries allow.


This picture show the difference in portion sizes between the United States and Japan.

Researchers in a new Johns Hopkins University study found that when eating out, most meals contain an excess of calories and a deficit of nutrients, whereas home cooked meals tend to have fewer calories and more nutrients.

In this study, the researchers obtained data from more than 9,000 adults who range from age 20 or older. The researchers collected data on food intake both short-term and long-term. The results showed that 48% of the study participants cooked dinner at home six to seven nights a week, while only 8% said they cook dinner once a week or less.  This revealed that the most frequent home cooks consumed around 200 fewer calories daily and around 16 grams of sugar.

The participants who ate more home cooked meals also showed a strong association with lower calorie intake when they ate out. This can suggest that home cooks add an element of mindful meal preparation along with portion control.

Preparing dinner and cooking at home has become a daily hassle for people because of the hectic lifestyle that we choose to live, always constantly doing something and staying busy. A lot of meals have become meals that you eat out rather than cooking something from home. However, the good news is that the researchers found that even cooking at home 2 to 3 days a week was  associated with an improved diet quality.

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