Natural Substitutes for Artificial Food Coloring

food coloring

A lot of food we are exposed to on a daily basis contains artificial food coloring, filled with chemicals and unnatural ingredients. For those that aim to live free of artificial foods and colorings, there are alternatives: instead of using food coloring or obtaining foods with food coloring dye, opt for these options:

  • Frozen-dried berries: They’re delicious and contain the same antioxidant phytochemicals, vitamins, and folic acid that they normally would have if they weren’t frozen.
  • Beets: beets are full of vitamins and minerals! Check out our article on beets to get their full  list of benefits
  • Turmeric: Turmeric is good for you! They provide many benefits but turmeric aids in cancer, heart disease, digestive health, and even depression prevention.
  • Saffron: saffron contains vitamins and other important nutrients. There have been previous research that suggested that it can help prevent and treat everything from depression to high cholesterol

There are many more different alternatives during the fall season to replace the artificial colors in food with fresh produce. It also gives you a great opportunity to try out new fruits and vegetables and new recipes!


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