Fitness Interview with Radio DJ J-Mac

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Houston’s 97.9 The Box Radio DJ J-Mac, also known as the FreeStyle King, has added another title to his accolades as a health and fitness ambassador. J-Mac made our list of The Top 10 Fittest Radio Personalities in Houston, all thanks to his mother and his fervent ambition to stay healthy. J-Mac runs a mile a day and does various metabolism-boosting exercises. Did you know he’s vegan? We have more interesting facts about him in our exclusive interview!

HFR: What is your daily exercise and nutrition routine?

 J-Mac: I like to keep it simple. I try to run at least three miles a day, usually around Memorial to get some fresh air. During the summer I go late in the evening to beat this Texas heat. I box at least twice a week and mix in some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts to keep my metabolism boosted and my body toned. As far as nutrition goes I am a vegan, so I eat about three plant-based meals a day along with a vegan protein. 

HFR: What keeps you motivated to stay healthy?

J-Mac: I watched my mother suffer from the complications of diabetes for a long time up to her premature death and that’s one key motivator for me. She always pushed me to reach my goals, but in her later years made the point that obtaining something you want isn’t worth anything if you’re not going to be around to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I want to extend my health, but I also want to be an example for those in my community and beyond. If you put in the work and make the necessary changes it will change your life. Your health truly is your wealth, and it is time the black community invested in itself. 

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HFR: Do you believe that being fit and healthy has contributed to your successful career?

J-Mac: Being in the entertainment business and on the radio is not for those who want a slow-paced or easygoing life. I think my healthy lifestyle has helped make me a better employee since I’m almost never sick. It has also allowed me to deal with the stresses of an industry known for its pressure without the adverse effects and chemical dependencies that have plagued some of my peers. 

HFR: What inspires you, in general?

J-Mac: That’s a tough question. My Mother inspires. She was my first fan and my fiercest booster. Her memory gets me through some tough days and pushes me to new levels I had not entertained when I started on this journey. I’m also inspired by the youth. Every day out in the community I see so much talent. They are smart, bold and refused to be held back or put in a box by society – something my generation sometimes has a problem with. With all the problems we have in the world today, it is the youth that makes me believe that we will be alight.

HFR: What tips would you give your fans and our readers to staying healthy?

J-Mac: Eat well. Fast food is OK sometimes, but when it comes to your health too much will lead to fast failure. A proper and nutritious diet is one of the biggest keys to your long-term health and happiness. Get eight or nine hours of sleep per night. This is a tough one because so many people these days either can’t afford the luxury or claim that they don’t need it. I promise good sleep will change your life, though, and probably extend it. Your body needs time to heal, recharge and reinvigorate your brain. Once you have the diet and sleep on tap, don’t forget to workout. Physical fitness is one of the easiest ways to extend your health, flexibility, protect your mind from diseases like Alzheimer’s and ensure that you have a decent quality of life in your old age. 

HFR: Share something that most people don’t know about you!

J-Mac: When I was a kid I really wanted to play guitar. My mom eventually scraped together the money on her schoolteacher’s salary to get me one and lessons. I never followed through and that thing gathered dust in the attic for years. It was my first real lesson. My Mom had asked me if I really wanted to play guitar. I told her yes. The truth was that the idea of the guitar was what had entranced me. I just wanted to stand on stage and be Jimi Hendrix, but I didn’t want to put in the work. Even though she lost her hard-won money my mother never shame me for it, but her belief in me gave me the foresight to really examine what I wanted from my future, and to only pursue things that were important enough for me to work for with all my heart.

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