Fun Things To See While Attending the Sarajevo Film Festival


Sarajevo is a breathtaking place to vacation, from food to fun there are endless adventures to partake in while in Bosnia’s capital city. City and nature tours are just a few of the thing for tourists to partake in and there are plenty more local attractions for visitors to enjoy. You’re certain to have a good time in Sarajevo and everyone should experience this spectacular place at least once in their lifetime.


  • Sarajevo Film Festival – Of course, the first thing you should probably see while attending the Sarajevo Film Festival is, well, the film festival! The annual film festival offers a creative outlet for adults and children to express their love for short films. The film festival showcases the work of many emerging international artists while still showcasing pieces from many local artists.

  • Visit museums – Whether art or history, visiting a museum is a good way to broaden your mind. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and historical events  while viewing centuries-old artifacts. While the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina has closed down, some of the museums you can visit include the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Museum of Sarajevo.


  • Visit the Vijecnica National Library – The Vijecnica building shows off the unique architecture of the Sarajevo culture. When first built, the building served as housing for city hall officials and eventually moved on to become a library. As a library, Vijecnica fosters an artistically beautiful facade and an even greater history, naturally one pertaining to the Bosnian War. Here, several Bosnian works were stored and were targeted during the genocide. Even now, works are still being restored.


  • Admire the Sebilj – The Sebilj is a wooden fountain located in Sarajevo. Originally built in 1791, the Sebilj was moved in 1891 to its current location in the centre of Sarajevo’s Baščaršija Square. Day or night, the fountain serves as a landmark attraction of Sarajevo, naturally being a focal point for people to congregate near.


  • Stop by Morića Han – This quaint little tavern served as a stopping place for weary travels crossing between the East and West. A must-see for history buffs and travellers alike, you can experience this roadside inn while enjoying a warm drink in splendid company.


  • ribnjak-toplikGo eat! – Food, food, food! As we all know, food is not just sustenance to keep us alive. No, food is an experience of flavors, combinations of flavors, atmospheres and aromas. We all love food, trying new food, and finding new loves and Sarajevo cuisine is no different. Smells and tastes of Bosnian favorites are mesmerizing and intoxicating to the sense while Bosnian coffee and desserts will have your taste buds dancing. Check out HFR’s list of Bosnian’s healthiest restaurants!

  • Shopping – Retail therapy can be just as relieving as eating. Sarajevo markets include small shops and vendors that sell handmade jewelry as well as handbags and sunglasses. You’ve always wanted those authentic eastern European shoes – now’s your chance!



  • Tubing – Looking for a relaxing activity where you can lay back and soak up some sun? Then you’re looking to tube! There are areas where you can take your tubes out with friends and loved ones and enjoy the outdoors and scenery, floating along whatever body of water you find the most refreshing or most convenient. Sarajevo is a place where you look around and take it all in; beauty surrounds you in this region.
  • River rafting – Rafting in Sarajevo offers slopes, canyons, and fresh drinkable water along the way. River rafting is a fun and exciting way to get your adrenaline pumping. Feel free to go with a group of friends or your family to help promote team building and boding. As you travel down the rivers, consider taking a break at the Latin bridge, where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed, sparking the World War I.

  • Visit the Avaz Tower – Have a breathtaking view of the entire city from the top of the Avaz tower. A skyscraper that stands at 176 meters, this tower offers a gorgeous perspective of the urbanity of Sarajevo before a landscape of mountains. Sunrise, daytime, sunset and at night – no matter what time of day you go for a view of the city, you’ll be sure to appreciate every bit of it.


  • Discover the Tunnel of Life – The Tunnel of Life was created during the siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. The tunnel was constructed to provide safe passages of travel to the other side of the airport in the event of bombardment. The Tunnel of Life saved millions of lives and is now a museum that is open to the public. Just imagine taking a walk through the very spot that millions of others have stepped before – walking through the path that may have saved their lives.



  • Visit religious sanctuaries – Religion is a prominent part of people’s lives and learning about other cultures’ religion will make you a more omniscient person. Some of the sites you can visit include the Gazi-Husrevbey Mosque, Sacred Heart Cathedral, the Orthodox Church (also called the Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel) and the Jewish Museum. Feel free to observe the religious relics and holy icons as you learn about all cultures that coexisted in the region and the history behind some of the largest wars.

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