Sarajevo Hiking: 10 Best Hiking Trails by the City

View of mountain peaks in summer time

While packing your formal shoes and heels for the Sarajevo Film Festival make sure to pack up some hiking gear! The Bosnian region is home to many glacial mountains and breathtaking landscape views, making it a great region for some awesome trails to hike through. These breathtaking trails and routes are some of the most gorgeous views and will make you love Sarajevo hiking.

Aleja Ambasadora


Ambassadors Walk is a beautiful place located near the neighborhood of Kovaci, just toward the end of the city. The route starts off as a short walk commemorating the memorial of the ambassadors sent to Sarajevo and each tree planted along the path has a name dedicated to an ambassador. People that want to hike the mountains can start off walking the path which then leads to the mountains through a detour (the mountains can also be an excellent place to rock climb!) The Aleja Ambasadora is a great way to get out of the busy city streets of Sarajevo and enjoy the beautiful nature of this city.

Skakavac Vodopad


The Skakavac waterfall is one of the main tourist attractions in the Bosnian region. To get the most out of this trail, you need to get dropped off by bus 69 in the nearest town which is Nahorevo. The walk from the city to the mountain can be a good hike for some and usually lasts around two hours if you go slow. The waterfall stands 98 meters high and is surrounded by spruce and fir tree forests. Getting to the top of the mountain can be a little strenuous but the view from up there is one to experience.

Sutjeska National Park


This park gets its name from the Sutjeska River located in the middle of the park. The river is located in a canyon within the park itself. The trail of the park leads right through a forest and toward a waterfall in the national park. Further down the trail you will be surrounded by the towering mountains Maglic, Zelengora and Volujak. Ranging from low valleys to dense forests and also tall glacial mountains,  the Sutjeska National Park is one of the most diverse ecosystems of its kinds.

Visocica Hill


There are a lot of rumors saying that the Visocica hill is a pyramid of the Bosnian region, now whether these are man-made or natural it has not been confirmed. Either way this is a must visit if you’re in Sarajevo. The trail to the hill starts from a nearby town named visoko. There is a lot of history that goes into this strip of pyramids and the strip of pyramids are connected through underground tunnels which holds much of the history as well. you will find plenty of tour guides in this area as it is an often visited site for tourists.

Bjelašnica, Umoljani


This is a great place for both beginners and professional hikers. The trail starts in the Umoljani village and heads toward the Bjelasnica mountain. This mountain is also known as the Olympic Mountain in Bosnia, having received its name as the highest peak in Sarajevo. Both routes go through the Lukomir village but the harder route is a higher hike as it goes through the tall mountains. Though this might be the tougher route the reward is amazing as you get one of the best views of Sarajevo while at the top. Needless to say, this a true experience for hikers of all levels and is a must visit.

Hrasnicka Cesta

Hrasnicka Cesta

This straight-route trail is great for both hiking and biking but most renowned for its biking trail. The route starts at the International University of Sarajevo and continues for another 1.5 miles. This route is fairly simply to conquer while biking.



Vrelo Bosne (Igman)


Spring of Bosne River – that’s what Vrelo Bosne translates to in English, and Vrelo Bosne is the trail rightfully named as the beautiful Bosne River flows through the trail itself. This is a great trail for people who love the beautiful green outdoors as the trail goes through the Igman Mountain.The presence of water provides dense vegetation through the forest, allowing for a cool breeze to whisk through the trail.

Vilsonovo Setaliste

Vilsonovo Setaliste

This park is known to many nature lovers throughout the Bosnian region. The route is most vivid to visit during the spring season as the leaves turn yellow and orange and the cool breeze through the trees makes it a refreshing trail to walk or bike through. To boot, the trail also features a workout area and a kids park – putting a little bit of man-made modernity in nature.

Bulevar Mese Selimovica

Bulevar Mese Selimovica

Bulevar Mese Selimovica is a boulevard just off the main highway of the city. This route is a big history marker for the Bosnian War, a boulevard having served as a sniper alley. If you are a fan of taking a run by the city while also visiting the historical artifacts of this region, this trail is a great one to visit.


Safeta Hadzica

Safeta Hadzica

This route is 1.3 miles in distance and is 1,840 feet above sea level. The route runs through a neighborhood and, like Bulevar Messe Selimovica, is a historical marker of the war area and holds a historical marker in memory of the lives lost during the Bosnian War. Granted, this hike isn’t too much of a challenge – making it great for new hikers – here but the gradual elevation makes it a nice route to bike through. This neighborhood also holds a historical marker is remembrance of the soldiers’ lives lost during the Bosnian War.

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