The Health Benefits of BMX


Looking for a new activity to liven up your workout routine? BMX, also known as bicycle motocross, is a cycling sport that involves racing or performing freestyle stunts, either recreationally or competitively. It became an Olympic sport in 2008, but you don’t need to be an Olympic-level athlete to reap the benefits of BMX. Here is Health Fitness Revolution’s list of the health benefits of BMX riding:

  • Increases strength: BMX riding provides a full body workout. Pedaling uses various leg muscles while lifting the handlebars to perform tricks can help build muscles in your arms.

  • Enhances cardiovascular fitness: Like other forms of cycling, BMX riding conditions your cardiovascular system. Increasing cardiovascular fitness allows your body to use oxygen more efficiently, making everyday activities easier to tackle. Improved cardiovascular fitness has numerous health benefits, including a decreased risk of heart disease as well as lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate.
  • It’s fun! Participating in BMX allows you to experience the thrill of facing your fears and mastering new skills. The sport has no specified rules, which allows riders the freedom and creativity to develop new, innovative tricks. Studies show that you are more likely to keep active and stick with a fitness plan if you do something you enjoy.

  • Provides a sense of community: BMX is a popular sport throughout the world. Riding allows you to become part of this global community and make friends that share similar interests. Feeling connected with other people has been shown to reduce stress and increase longevity.
  • Builds confidence: BMX can help build confidence as you master new skills and improve overall performance through training. Children and adults alike can enhance their self-esteem by working hard to accomplish goals and doing things they never thought possible.
  • Burns calories: Biking for 60 minutes allows a 150-pound male to burn over 500 calories. Burning calories through exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy weight. Weight management can help prevent and control many conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.


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