Top Fittest Celebrity Chefs


Continuing our lists of the top fittest celebrities, politicians and other influential figures, we are now bringing you the Top Fittest Celebrity Chefs!

It’s definitely not easy to be healthy and fit when your career keeps you in the kitchen all day, constantly surrounded by delicious foods. It’s easy for chefs to put on the extra pounds after all the taste testing and creation of new dishes, not to mention their constant, on-the-go schedules. But with a little discipline and a lot of moderation, it is possible to be a healthy and fit chef. These celebrity chefs not only cook healthy dishes, but they also represent a healthy, balanced lifestyle and are a great example to their fans and followers. Read this list and learn what your favorite chefs do to stay fit!

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Rocco DiSpirito

  • Lost 50 pounds by changing his diet and exercising more, cutting back on saturated fat and sugar and experimenting with healthy ingredients
  • Trained for and completed an Ironman triathlon
  • Walks regularly
  • Does spinning
  • Rides his bike
  • “I wear a FitBit bracelet, and I try to reach at least 10,000 steps every day,” he said. “In the summer, I cycle hundreds of miles a week.”

Marcus Samuelsson

  • Exercises four times a week, no excuses!
  • Implements healthy cooking into his recipes and diet
  • Plays soccer every week
  • Runs several miles a week
  • Does calisthenics often
  • Supports healthy eating in children and fighting obesity: “Obesity is not something that just landed on top of us here. It’s something we can work on as families and beat. One of my favorite sections in my new book is ‘cooking for kids.’ I love that – teaching the next generation and inspiring better eating.”

Giada de Laurentiis

  • Practices yoga
  • Enjoys eating clean and simple foods as part of a regular diet
  • Goes hiking
  • Enjoys paddleboarding
  • Does cardio regularly
  • “I eat very clean and light – a lot of grilled or baked foods, rather than frying or cooking in heavy oils,” De Laurentiis says. “I always incorporate lots of veggies and fruits. I eat a little bit of everything and not a lot of anything. I think in life that’s sort of my motto.”

Bobby Flay

  • Running and walking
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Biking
  • Yoga
  • “My philosophy is to just keep moving and burn more calories than you consume.”
  • Lost 15 pounds
  • Strength trains with fellow chef Michael Symon
  • Eats a healthy diet

Rachael Ray

  • Didn’t start working out until her 40s and says she regrets it
  • Since having a health scare in 2009, she runs 3.5 miles daily
  • Runs 6 days a week
  • She says she never gets on a scale but has lost several dress sizes
  • Ray now wakes up at dawn every morning to run 30 minutes. She then hits the gym after her run, where she works out on the elliptical trainer for 45 to 60 more minutes before doing circuit-training on machines.
  • Ray follows a mostly Mediterranean diet (featuring plenty of extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables and salads), and focuses on portion control over depriving herself of her favorite foods. “I don’t categorize food as bad or a guilty pleasure,” she says.

Padma Lakshmi

  • Does weightlifting to stay toned and strong
  • Pilates
  • Lots of cardio on either the elliptical, StairMaster or
  • Boxing
  • Jump rope
  • Does lots of core work for her abs
  • She spends lots of time in the gym, and she takes her workouts seriously: “I’ve been to the gym eight times in the last 10 days,” Lakshmi says.  “I would rather spend half my life at the gym and eat whatever I want than sit on my ass and starve.”
  • See her also in our list of fittest female Indian celebrities.

Robert Irvine

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I was 11 years old when I picked up my first copy of Muscle & Fitness. It helped me to take control of my body, forged a lifelong connection with the gym, and inspired me to start chasing my dreams. One of those dreams was to one day be on the cover. Today, over four decades later, that dream became a reality. I'm honored to be on the cover of their April 2019 edition, The Heroes Issue. You can pick it up at newsstands everywhere. Inside, you'll get the latest on what's happening in Irvine-land as well as a look at how I'm training these days. Thank you to the folks at M&F for having me, but the biggest thank you goes to my mom for hunting down a used set of Weider weights so her little boy could start pumping iron. I think the investment paid off handsomely. (Pun intended.) Check it out and let me know what you think!

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  • Lifts weights daily with high reps: “I don’t do heavy weights. I’m too old for that now. I think the best way to lift weights is to do light weight and lots of repetitions.”
  • Runs for 20 minutes a day on the treadmill or elliptical

Gordon Ramsay

  • Trained for an Ironman triathlon
  • Ran 10 marathons in 10 years
  • Swims regularly
  • Bikes
  • Runs
  • “I wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get in a good training before everyone gets up and the workday begins. I don’t like to stand still for long, and I think that’s a good sentiment to live by. Always find time to get up and do something, no matter what it is.”

Danny Boome

  • Former pro hockey player for Great Britain
  • Skis
  • Does CrossFit exercise

Gina Neely

  • Changed her diet to consist of healthy foods and healthy alternatives to her favorite foods
  • Lost 20 pounds
  • Exercises daily  with strength training
  • Walks with a pedomenter to increase number of steps taken each day
  • “I’ll put exercise on my calendar now, like an appointment, from 9-10 am. If somebody calls to say can we do coffee at 10, I’ll say no because I probably wont have time to get back. I even put on my old Billy Blanks tape; I hadn’t seen that in forever! There were some good moves!”

Michael Symon

  • This co-host of the popular television show The Chew encourages kids to get healthy early: “I think parents should get kids involved in a sport early in their lives. It teaches them physical fitness; it teaches them discipline. When kids find an activity that they really enjoy, then it will stick. The biggest thing we should do with kids is to get them out. It’s been said before, but it doesn’t happen enough. No video games. Get them moving so fitness just happens naturally.”
  • Hits the gym often with fellow chef Bobby Flay
  • Works out five days a week: three days of weightlifting and two days of cardio
  • Loves yoga and practices frequently

Bobby Deen

  • The son of famous TV personality and chef Paula Deen, Bobby stepped out of his mother’s shadow and created his own show, “Not My Mama’s Meals,” which offers healthier alternative ways to cook his mother’s delicious Southern dishes.
  • Does regular gym workouts
  • Practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Wolfgang Puck

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Vote early. Vote often. ✔️🇺🇸

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  • Skis
  • Plays tennis
  • Lost 24 pounds
  • Made the switch to more healthy cooking
  • Does regular strength training three to four times a week with a trainer

Carla Hall

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  • Enjoys dancing
  • Tai-chi
  • Meditation and yoga every morning
  • Runs often (former marathon runner)


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