Health Benefits of Almond Milk


Yes, milk can do a body good- but almond milk can do a body even better! Almond milk contains more nutrients than other dairy milk alternatives like rice milk and works as a great alternative for those with soy and lactose allergies. Here’s why you should consider making the switch to almond milk:

  • Comparable Protein: Protein is a necessary part of every living cell in the body and the protein content of almond milk is comparable to regular cow’s milk. Protein is essential for growth and development. 
  • Bone Health: Almond milk contains 30% of our recommended daily value of Vitamin C and 45% of our daily recommended value of Vitamin D. Together, these two vitamins play a vital role in bone health. Vitamin D also helps improve immunity and cell function and decrease the chances of developing osteoporosis and even Alzheimer’s disease. The magnesium found in almond milk helps absorb more of the calcium provided by the nutritious beverage.
  • Skin Health: Every serving of almond milk contains 50% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin E, which is a powerful nutrient that has antioxidant abilities in that it helps regulate Vitamin A use and availability.  More importantly, Vitamin E acts the primary regulatory nutrient that improves skin health.
  • Eye Health: Almond milk contains moderate levels of Vitamin A which helps keep our eyes functioning properly. Vitamin A directly influences the eye’s ability to adjust to differences in light.
  • Blood Sugar Stabilizing: Unlike other milk alternatives, the plain almond option contains only 8 grams of carbohydrates per serving. The 7 grams of sugars in almond milk have a low glycemic nature, meaning our bodies fully digest them and use them as energy- this means diabetics can enjoy almond milk as well.
  • Heart Health: Almond milk contains no cholesterol and only 5 mg of sodium per serving. Without cholesterol, almond milk also decreases the chances of gaining bad cholesterol levels, all while increasing the good cholesterol levels. Since Almond milk also contains 150 mg of potassium in every serving, it helps promote healthy blood pressure.
  • Weight Management: The low caloric content of almond milk causes less of an impact on our total daily consumption of food calories. Some milk varieties contain more sugars than the cereal that they get combined with- not almond milk!


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