Health Fitness Revolution hits 6 million visitors!


Yes, you read that right: HFR has officially hit 6 million visitors! We can’t believe the huge success we’ve had, and we owe it all to you guys, the supporters. With your help, we were able to gain 1 million visitors in a matter of only a few months, something truly remarkable. Everyday, we are working on finding the latest health and fitness news to give you everything you need in order to live your happiest and healthiest self. We are proud to be considered a leading health and fitness resource- without all the fluff and paid sponsored posts!

A big shout out to our endless list of supporters who have put their trust in us to supply them with health and fitness tips and information. We want to thank you for referencing us in your articles and postings and helping us become who we are today. In fact, Samir was recently featured in a Huffington Post article about his 3-mile walk in Memorial Park with a 200 lb vest.

We aren’t stopping at 6 million views: in fact, we plan to double our visitors by the end of the year, projecting to hit 12 million! With so many events going on, like Samir’s new book and his big announcement in 2 months, there’s no shortage of fun and exciting things happening! To keep up on it all, make sure to check in on HFR daily so you’re always up on everything health and fitness!

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