Health Minister of Israel Yakov Litzman Boycotts McDonald’s

yakov litzman

Israeli health minister Yakov Litzman addressed his country’s overconsumption of junk food and proposed a bold solution: boycott McDonald’s. Israeli cuisine is comprised of traditional ingredients similar to those found in the healthy Mediterranean Diet, but a dramatic rise in the popularity of junk food over recent years has added some less than healthy items to the average Israeli diet.

Yakov Litzman told a cardiologists’ conference that McDonald’s is “out,” claiming that  “there is no need to eat junk food. Not in our country.”

Litzman wants a return to a more natural diet and an elimination of junk food and sweets, especially from children’s diets. He is endorsing a strategy of prevention, or reducing disease before it even has a chance to start.

Fast food is one of the largest culprits of weight gain and diseases such as diabetes across the world. Americans are no longer the only ones indulging in this unhealthy habit, populations everywhere are feeling the squeeze from the global expansion of fast food.

Discussions on how to curtail the global obesity crisis need to discuss the role of fast food in society, and how we can take steps to prevent the health risks associated with its spread.

Health Fitness Revolution commends the health minister of Israel on promoting preventative steps to ensure a healthier nation in the future!

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