Deborah Duncan Named Woman of the Year 2015


Every year we recognize the man and woman who have made the biggest contribution to healthy lifestyle in the US. This year we are honored to name Deborah Duncan, host of KHOU-TV talk show Great Day Houston, as our “Woman of the Year 2015.”

Deborah is a public advocate of living well, and shares her deep knowledge of health and fitness with her loyal viewers. The TV personality frequently airs sections dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and interacts with audience members who want to know how to improve their health.

HFR founder Samir Becic appeared on Deborah’s show multiple times, and is inspired by her energy and dedication. He said: “My sister Deborah Duncan has a compassion for helping people in healthy lifestyle with a knowledge that extends beyond professional journalism.”

HFR founder Samir Becic on Deborah Duncan's Great Day Houston Show, promoting #PushUpsEverywhere
HFR founder Samir Becic on Deborah Duncan’s Great Day Houston Show, promoting #PushUpsEverywhere
Watch Samir Demonstrate ReSync On Great Day Houston With Deborah Duncan

Deborah is an active philanthropist and accomplished media personality. After spending time as a television reporter in Austin and Dallas, Deborah started her own talk show called “Good Morning Texas.” The show was such a success she was invited to New York City to co-host Lifetime’s “Our Home.” Yearning to return to the Lone Start State, Deborah moved to Houston, where she started work on “Great Day Houston,” a much-cherished and beloved program.

Deborah’s excellence has been recognized with a host of accolades, including two Emmy Awards, two Gracie Allen Awards and a Telly Award.

We respect and admire all her work promoting health and fitness! It’s no mystery such a magnetic personality has inspired so many people in Houston and beyond. Keep fighting the good fight, Deborah: together we will make America healthy and fit.

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