Healthy is the New Skinny


Every year, the top New Years Resolutions goals are to lose weight for many people hoping to turn a new leaf and improve their self image. However, many of those resolving to shed the extra pounds by dieting end up unsuccessful – sometimes in a matter of a few weeks – and fall back to their old habits.  So we ask you the question- what if these resolutions got shifted to getting HEALTHY instead?

Many of those who embark on the journey of weight loss get frustrated when results aren’t fast- which is why they often give up.  However, if the goal were switch to being healthy- by making the healthy lifestyle choices of good nutrition, regular exercise, and mental balance- they would all be more likely to stay inspired, and on track with their goals.

Media and society gives us all unrealistic perceptions and expectations about body image, blurring the line between being skinny and being healthy.  We open magazines and see unattainable models that more than likely have to starve themselves to stay a sample size.  On the other side of the spectrum, we idolize body builders and professional athletes that often use steroids to enhance muscular physique and performance.  Neither of these ideals is healthy and both have long term negative repercussions on the body.

As we hear more about the obesity epidemic in America, it’s important to understand why weight loss resolutions can often be the wrong way to go. Instead, shifting the focus to overall health – not necessarily on losing weight – is a more attainable and approachable way to reach our healthiest forms.

Here is the downfall of focusing on losing a certain number of pounds or reaching a certain weight:

  • It fuels the yo-yo dieting cycle
  • It can harm your mental and physical health
  • It can perpetuate a cycle of weight loss and weight gain
  • It places emphasis on external appearance rather than internal health
  • Dieting implies restriction and deprivation, with pitfalls such as increased hunger, cravings and a sense of loss
  •  It usually only leads to temporary change and a return to the previous eating patterns
  • The term diet often implies that there is a start and an end- Healthy Living is truly a never-ending lifestyle change!

Here at Health Fitness Revolution, we challenge you to change your approach by focusing on adopting lifestyle changes that lead to long-term health improvements.

Here’s how to make positive changes to your health:

  • Don’t focus on the weight on a scale- focus instead on specific aspects of your health and the actions you need to take generate healthy outcomes.
  • Create positive, healthy habits, such as regular and moderate exercise, drinking a lot of water, eating more vegetables, start an active hobby with friends or family, take time to relax and meditate…
  • Focus on appreciating your body. Most people seem to have areas of their body that they just don’t like which hampers self-esteem and body confidence. Build your self-esteem by recognizing all the amazing things your body does for you, such as your abdominal area providing protection for your internal organs, your legs for supporting and carrying your body all day long, and your arms for important things like brushing your hair or hugging a loved one. When you appreciate your body you’re more likely to take good care of it.
  • Be grateful- to yourself.  Look back at your accomplishments and milestones of your journey. Reminding yourself of your strength is key to staying motivated
  • Don’t get discouraged- it took many years for you to get unhealthy- so realize that it will take time to get to your health goals.
  • Just because you ate unhealthy or didn’t workout today doesn’t mean it’s okay to wait until next Monday to get on the right track again.  Think of it like this, let’s say you’re traveling down the road and you realize you’ve made a wrong turn.  Would you continue and turn around next Monday?  Never- because you know the longer you wait to turn around, the further away from your destination you become.

Now is the time to shift our focus to health, rather than weight, by changing diet-mentality into health-mentality. Welcome to the Health Fitness Revolution!


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