Helping Teens Cope With Stress and Anxiety


Today’s society puts a lot of pressure on the nation’s youth to succeed and do well. They are expected to become the best of the best, and with that pressure comes an increase in stress and anxiety problems in teens. But one school in the northeast is doing its part to help alleviate those high levels of stress.

In Portland, Oregon, a class at Wilson High School teaches students about mindfulness, with the intention of easing the increase in anxiety and depression and preventing violence. During this year-long, 90-minute class, the students practice a mix of yoga, sitting, and walking meditation, visualization techniques, deep breathing, journaling, and non-judgmental listening.

Mindfulness yoga and meditation have been able to show benefits to the emotional, mental, and physical health of an individual. Though this has been the core of Buddhism and Hinduism, it has recently became popular in America. Incorporating such practices has become a movement in corporations like Google and Target, and it has also been proven successful in other school districts as well.

We could all use a dose of these types of activities in order to help us cope with daily stress and anxiety, especially at this time of year when the holidays become chaotic. Try a few meditation and yoga sessions to help you get through a stressful day.

Information gathered from Fox News.

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