HFR Spiritual Coordinator Rudy Morales Supports the Community

HFR Spiritual Coordinator Rudy Morales

By bringing together thousands of people in the community, the Health Fitness Revolution aims to change the way people think about health and fitness, incorporating proper exercise and nutrition practices into the very fabric of family and society. Spiritual coordinator Rudy Morales did just that over the weekend.


In order to be proactive, we are sponsoring community sports and health events throughout Texas.  By providing health foods in a physically friendly environment, while also being socially interactive, these events encompass what it truly means to be healthy.  We aim at sponsoring these types of events so that families and communities learn to interact physically, socially, and in a healthy way.  This is just the beginning- and our ultimate goal is to sponsor thousands of similar events across the US.

Rudy Morales and Friends in West Houston

This particular event was sponsored by Health Fitness Revolution and organized by our spiritual coordinator, Rudy Morales.  It was held  in a public park in West Houston for kids, families, and friends!

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