Houston Chronicle: Samir vs. Arnold Schwarzennegger

Photo Credit: Mario Gerussi

Yesterday, the Houston Chronicle boldly exclaimed that Houston may have it’s own Arnold to get it’s citizens blood pumping!

Our founder, and author of ReSYNC Your Life, Samir Becic was recently named Houston’s “fitness guru” by Mayor Sylvester Turner to promote physical wellness in the city. Among his other many accomplishments, Becic is known for completing extreme challenges involving a weight vest. Last year, he ran seven marathons in eight weeks with a 73.5-pound vest equivalent.

In the interview, Samir talks about the parallels between his new title and the one bestowed onto Arnold Schwarzenegger by then President Bush Sr. in the 90’s to promote fitness to Americans.

Becic hopes to expand on Arnold’s method of making fitness more than just physical improvement. “Arnold had that [holistic] approach to a healthy lifestyle, where fitness is not always about the physical body but about success in life,” he said. “It’s a driving force.”

To Samir, it’s not about wearable tech or fancy running shoes, it’s about helping people gain strength and mental wellness naturally. Small, gradual improvements- like drinking more water and walking more.

To read the full Chron article, click here.

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