Top 10 Fittest Mayors in America 2019


Samir Becic continues to be a valuable annual resource in ranking the health and fitness of US Politicians (mayorssenatorscongresspeoplegovernors). Many forms of national media are using his lists and spreading the information across the country. Every year the lists are updated because it’s important our politicians continue to be good leaders by demonstrating healthy lifestyles themselves, in addition to promoting healthy lifestyles within their communities.

HFR founder and author of ReSYNC Your Life, Samir Becic intends to use this list to motivate other mayors to be more active and fit in order to be the best ambassadors for their cities as possible. The wealth and prosperity of a nation is dependent on the health and physicality of its people. “Every politician in the United States who is physically fit and promotes a healthy lifestyle in order to improve the future of our children has my vote, regardless of party,” Becic says.

Samir personally interviewed all the deserving Mayors on this year’s list of the Top 10 Fittest Mayors in America 2019- see which city leaders made his exclusive list this time around:

Ron Nirenberg- San Antonio

  • Is a firm believer in mind, body, spirit, and balance.
  • Uses his high-intensity fitness regime to balance himself out and to keep sane and happy.
  • Credits athletics, especially being in individual sports with very little instant gratification that requires a long-term outlook and self-discipline.
  • A firm believer in mind, body, spirit, and balance.
  • Started a “Get Strong” fitness campaign which was intended to show all the different ways that people can have fun and get fit and adapt to the lifestyle that best suits them.
  • Did some graduate work in bodybuilding.
  • Samir says: “Mayor Nirenberg has an incredible wealth of knowledge on health and fitness. He is strong, fit, and determined- so I’m nicknaming him the ‘Gladiator Mayor'”.
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Ted Wheeler- Portland

  • He starts his day at 4:45 am to train for Ironman races and pushes his body to its limits by swimming, biking, running, and fueling his body with the right nutrition.
  • Has hiked Mount Everest several times.
  • Ran several Ironmans including Hawaii.
  • Runs marathons.
  • Went snowshoeing in Alaska on his honeymoon.
  • Samir says: “Mayor Wheeler’s cardio endurance is second to none among politicians in America! He is an IRONMAN personified!”
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Steven Fulop- Jersey City

  • Has completed two and a half Ironmans, one of which was finished in under 12 hours!
  • Ran in the 2012 NYC Marathon.
  •  Believes that being healthy and active can teach extreme discipline which is needed in order to be successful. 
  • Has said that the Ironman was probably the hardest single task he was a part of because it really requires not only physical endurance but mental endurance.
  • Plans on getting back into triathlons this year.
  • Samir says: “Mayor Fulop is a great example of a young and prosperous mayor who uses fitness to fight the everyday stress of the job. Clearly a 21st century mayor.”
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Hillary Schieve- Reno

  • Was an Olympic-level figure skater.
  • Had to quit her professional ice skating career after getting a kidney transplant from her sister, but kept her athlete mentality and work ethic.
  • Is a big advocate for organ donation.
  • Stayed in shape and won a gold and silver medal at adult national ice skating.
  • Believes that a healthy city is a city that provides longevity and a great quality of life so being healthy and staying active is very important.
  • Supportive of parks and recreation for the people of Reno.
  • Samir says: “Mayor Schieve has more heart and determination than 99.99% of people. She is clearly an IRON LADY!”
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Mayor Tim Keller- Albuquerque

  • Keeps an extra set of running shoes and workout clothes in the trunk of his car, and no matter where he is in the city if he has 30 minutes, he’ll go and run. It could be around a track, around a golf course, in an open field- he just fits it in!
  • Prefers running in deep sand in the desert- it’s good for the ankles and knees.
  • Formally, he runs/sprints about twice a week for about an hour.
  • He still plays football with the best of them and credits his athlete mentality to helping him in his successful career. 
  • Does a lot of trail running in the desert and sand, and a lot of outdoor activities.
  • Samir says: “If I ever got lost in the desert, I know who could help me find my way! He is clearly the toughest desert runner among the mayors.”
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Mayor Sylvester Turner- Houston

  • Mayor Turner participated in the 75 mile Tour de Houston bike ride.
  •  Houston has about 220 bike lanes right now. He wants to expand that number to 800 and eventually to 1500.
  • His administration is partnering with local businesses and communities to implement a farmer’s market program, taking farmer’s markets to different areas throughout Houston. Urban farmer’s markets, such as the 5th Ward’s Last Organic Outpost, provide fresh produce for affordable prices and form a deep connection with the local community.
  • During his campaign, he accepted Samir Becic’s challenge to join #PushUpsEverywhere without any hesitation. Dropping to the floor and delivering 10 high quality pushups for the whole world to see.
  • Samir says: “Mayor Turner is a man of many qualities, including being a great leader who wants the best for his city- in every aspect! His drive to improve the fitness acceess to Houstonians is commendable.”

Kirk Caldwell- Honolulu

  • Paddleboards regularly, and compares the lessons he’s learned from the sport: remain flexible and open to possibilities.
  • Runs at least 2 to 3 times a week during lunch.
  • Does sit-ups, pushups and leg extensions.
  • Said that being active during lunch promotes his creativity, and he usually comes back from his runs full of fresh ideas.
  • At 66, Mayor Kirk Caldwell is an inspiration to us all.
  • Samir says: “Mayor Caldwell knows his water sports! He takes full advantage of the beautiful Hawaiian landscape to stay fit.”
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Catherine Pugh- Baltimore

  • has run two half-marathons.
  • Completed 48 races in one year.
  • Has been physically active for the last 38 years. 
  • Gets up at 4:30 am to run for time- fits in anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.
  • Has a program at city hall called “Wellness Wednesday.” They do all kinds of exercising right out in front of city hall- including yoga and jump roping.
  • Doesn’t smoke or drink and enjoys eating healthy foods.
  • Stays away from sweets but eats fruit.
  • Believes that her healthy eating habits contribute to her getting the right energy from foods and it allows her to operate at a high level.
  • Samir says: “Mayor Pugh can outrun most politicians in America. Her cardio is superb, her determination is second to none.”
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Dan Pope- Lubbock

  • Most mornings he goes to the gym at 5:30am for an hour.
  • On the weekends, he opts for a jog or sleeping in.
  • Says that at 55, being active is just as good for him mentally as it is physically, because it allows him to clear my head and to be prepared for the day.
  • Uses exercises for stress reduction.
  • Created the Lubbock Marathon.
  • Samir says: “Mayor Pope is clearly one of the biggest advocates for corporate wellness in America. His insight as a business owner makes him keenly aware of the benefits of a healthy workfoce.”
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Mayor Sam Liccardo- San Jose

  • Wakes up at 5:30 in the morning to read and sharpen his mind for the rest of the day, while also boosting his creativity.
  • An avid hiker, he uses the trails along the stunning Guadalupe River to quietly contemplate and immerse himself in the natural beauty that San Jose provides.
  • He finds that walking and hiking is a great time for him and his wife to catch up, and hiking helps him to brainstorm about ideas he wants to implement at work.
  • Bikes.
  • Samir says: “Mayor Liccardo, from one Sam to another, YOU ROCK!”
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