Is Athletic Gear Fashion Motivational?

Monochromatic Workout Apparel

Is the oversized, over-washed, overused cotton T-shirt really doing us any good at the gym? You might think, “yeah! It’s cheap and I can get dirty in it no problem! No reason to waste hard-earned money in anything to sweat in.”

While I agree it is comfortable and cost-efficient, consider: how do you really feel in it?

"This old shirt reeeeaaaally smells."
“This old shirt reeeeaaaally smells.”

I have been observing people working out and learned even though a lot of them agree that spending money on gym clothes is unnecessary, the majority will tell you that a new pair of running shoes or a new workout outfit is motivational.

The psychology behind this is simple: workout gear – performance and technical tank tops and shirts, compression shorts and pants, moisture-wicking socks – is made to make you feel comfortable while you work out.

Think about it: cotton gets heavier as it accumulates sweat. It will also stick to your body in a less-than-pleasant way. Working out shouldn’t be like that and wearing what you wear to work out should be as comfortable as it can be.

And while cost may be a deciding factor, consider this – reward yourself every time you hit a new milestone. Completed you couch-to-5k course? You earned yourself a couple of pairs of moisture-wicking socks. Shot ten 3-pointers in a row? Have yourself a shooter sleeve. Placed first in a swim meet? Consider that performance tank top yours.

“PR! PR! PR! Think about those new shorts!”

Some things do need to be prioritized when it comes to workout gear, such as running shoes or sport essentials like yoga mats or boxing gloves. Be sure to schedule those and save in advance, say 6 months on average for shoes; and know your own financial limits when it comes to sport-specific gear.

Pro-tip: the best running shoe models come out during the spring and fall. Get a jump on clearance sales for previous models around that time. Many stores will also offer summer sales, so be sure to visit or subscribe to store newsletters to know when to get the best deals.

So! Motivational workout gear!

I believe that there are two types of workout outfits that are motivational each in their own way.

ThinkstockPhotos-475382348I’m sure you have noticed that lately there is a lot of color in workout gear. Bright neon colors are taking over the workout world. Popular outfits range all the way from solid neon yellow to five color splash paint.

ThinkstockPhotos-485058974On the other hand, don’t forget that edgy, intimidating, all black look… That just makes you feel like you are ready for the Olympics. It gives you a feel of power and success. It makes you jump higher, do a couple more squats, and when running, just make sure to pass that perfect looking couple in front of you.

So now, go to your favorite store and try a couple of outfits and find out what will inspire you!


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