Joel Osteen’s Church Rocks 5th Annual Lakewood Total Life Challenge


Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church successfully completed the 5th Annual Lakewood Total Life Challenge. This year, the participants went above and beyond the call of duty to make fitness a part of their lives. Samir Becic, the creator of Lakewood’s health and fitness program, was very pleased with everyone’s effort and the results they achieved. Samir says that “every year the health and fitness challenge and the programs at Lakewood are  increasing in organization and popularity, attracting more Lakewood members and their friends and families.”

The closing week featured powerful testimonies from the participants who saw great changes in their lives over the past 5 weeks. Some participants lost as much as 20 pounds, while everyone experienced positive results in terms of increased energy, positive spiritual reinforcement, and weight loss.

Samir wants to extend a special thanks to everyone who made the program possible: “The whole Lakewood team, John Bowman, Jackie Garner, Joanna Nunez, and Steve Austin, just to name a few, worked very hard this year to make the 5th Annual health and fitness challenge a special event. Special thanks to Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen and the rest of their family for their continued support. Without them this would not be possible.”

Join Samir Becic at Lakewood every Sunday at 10am to be a part of Lakewood’s fitness movement.

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