More Pastors Should Promote Fitness Like Joel Osteen


Samir Becic, the man who created Lakewood’s Fitness Challenge, says more pastors should promote fitness like Joel Osteen, Victoria Osteen, Dr. Paul the rest of the Osteen family. Becic and his Lakewood team are responding to Osteen’s call to help members of Lakewood Church– the largest megachurch in America- get in shape for 2016. Becic said, “When I came to Lakewood director Pastor John Bowman with the idea of a program, he was a little shocked because, let’s face it, Lakewood’s a church. But now he is the biggest supporter of fitness because he knows that through a healthy lifestyle, spirituality becomes you.”

Last night marked the beginning of Lakewood’s fifth annual Total Life Challenge. Although the Total Life Challenge is an annual event, its value lasts a lifetime. Classes will be held on the third floor of Lakewood every Sunday from 5:45-7pm. The lessons are designed to help everybody get in shape and learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including those without any prior exercise experience. With new fitness regimens, participants can expect to live healthier, happier lives.

Lakewood Church has been at the forefront of health and fitness movement in the spiritual community for years now. In 2012 Lakewood Church issued its first annual Health and Fitness Challenge, becoming one of the first mega-churches in the country to do so. Since then it has never looked back. Lakewood’s passion stems from pastor Joel Osteen’s personal commitment to physical fitness and healthy living. Osteen, who is one of the fittest pastors in America, understands that a healthy lifestyle is instrumental to spiritual happiness.

Many celebrities have pledged their support to past Total Life Challenges, including health and news anchor Melissa Wilson from Fox 26, Deborah Duncan from Great Day Houston, and Houston’s News Queen Dominique Sachse.

In response to Lakewood’s efforts to make the congregation healthy and fit, Becic says, “With Lakewood, one of the largest churches in America putting so much effort into the health and fitness of its congregation, it is a great motivation and influence for other congregations to follow. I am thankful to Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen and their congregation for giving me their blessing to use my knowledge and experience to provide the information and guidance necessary to make this challenge a success to all the participants involved. It also helps that Pastor Joel Osteen is a very fit person who encourages his congregation to live a healthier lifestyle – he believes that by being a healthier version of yourself, you can become all that God has created you to be.”


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