Nicole Kidman Workout and Fitness Routine


Celebrities get all the attention, which means they have to look good for the paparazzi, so they have to eat healthy and workout. Forget the scandals and the dating drama, give us their diet and workout routines! Celebs have the benefit of working with expensive trainers and nutritionists to stay red carpet ready, so we’ve done the research and passed it along to you. Nicole Kidman, known for extensive work in Hollywood movies is the feature for this attention Celebrity Workout.  Here is the Nicole Kidman workout routine:

Nicole Kidman loves all kinds of fitness including running, spinning, yoga, swimming- all of which she does to stay in shape. She has said that she comes from a marathon running family in Australia, and that she loves just putting on music and running in the woods. She does regular 55-minute Pilates sessions and a weekly spinning class, and favors cardio workouts on a cross trainer.

“Over the years I’ve realized that if you don’t have your health, you’ve got nothing. So that comes first. And how do you get that when you have two little kids, and a husband, and a lot of work? I work for balance now. I do yoga, and I run, and I meditate. I take really good care of myself and I eat well.”


She has said that when she tours with her musician husband, Keith Urban, she finds it difficult to avoid all the temptation of the junk food on the road, so her aim is to eat 80% percent healthy at all times.

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