Samir Becic Meets With Cardinal Vinko Puljić

cardinal Puljić

Renowned fitness expert Samir Becic met with the Archbishop of Vrhbosna, Cardinal Puljić while visiting Europe on July 9. Becic was in Europe for the 20th memorial of the Srbrenica Genocide.

The cardinal and the fitness expert discussed the positive impact the Church has had in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its impact throughout the world.

Becic said his eminence is doing a fantastic job leading the Catholic Church in Bosnia. “Cardinal Puljić is an inspiration to Bosnian Catholics and it was my pleasure to meet with him,” Becic said.

Becic also congratulated him for receiving Pope Francis this past June, when the leader of the Church visited Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo. The pope was very well-received, where he was greeted with crowds applauding and waving flags. The entire nation, regardless of ethnicity, received the Pope with love and joy. Cardinal Puljić did a phenomenal job in ensuring his visit was a success.

The pope was recently rated by Health Fitness Revolution as the fittest world religious leader.


Cardinal Pujić gifted Samir his autobiographical book “Moje druge konklave”, which Samir was honored to receive.

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