Samir Becic Motivates City of Houston Employees with Second Interactive Seminar


ReSYNC Your Life author and 4 x #1 fitness trainer in America traveled to the Bob Lanier Public Works building in downtown Houston to motivate a great group of employees in his second seminar as Mayor Turner’s official “Fitness Czar.”

Push-ups for books!

Samir spent an hour and a half discussing health and fitness with the attentive crowd who felt at ease asking many informative questions throughout his hands-on seminar. Everyone who attended was given a copy of Samir’s book- some even did some push-ups and squats to earn it!

Samir wants to thanks Mayor Sylvester Turner for encouraging and promoting health among city employees. He appreciates the platform he was given to enhance employees’ health and ultimately, quality of life. Stay tuned as he does many move events across the City of Houston in coming weeks!

Under Mayor Turner’s leadership, the city of Houston employee wellness program has gained momentum. The City of Houston Health and Wellness Program was as a Finalist in the Houston Business Journal’s Houston’s Healthiest Employer Award in the category for “Extra Large Employers” (5,000 or more total employees) in 2018. They received this designation with other distinguished employers such as Baylor College of Medicine, BP, Chevron, Harris Health System and more.

Book signing

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