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Samir Becic 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the world and the Health Fitness Revolution team did research and found the Top 10 Marathons in the U.S.  With this article, we want to inspire people to be more physically fit and active in order to be the healthiest they can in today’s modern world. Hopefully this list inspires some of you to go and run a marathon local to you as well!

Many people have running a marathon on their bucket lists.  Those daunting 26.2 miles are just as much a demonstration of mental fortitude as physical prowess.  Once you cross that finish line, you’re an official member of a small group of people (0.5% of the population) that set a goal, trained for it, and accomplished it.  Although there are around 600 marathons held annually in the United States, Health Fitness Revolution is bringing you the Top 10 based on prestige, size, and location:

  • Boston Marathon: Arguably one of the most famous marathons in the world and the oldest in America, its 27,000 participants must qualify (either by running fast of raising money for a good cause) to run the 26.2 miles around the heart of Boston.  In light of the recent events, Health Fitness Revolution puts the Boston Marathon at the top of the list because, as Americans, we believe in supporting the strength of heros, athletes, and the American dream that anything is possible.
  • New York City Marathon: The NYC marathon makes its way through all 5 boroughs from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side and brings crowds of 50,000 runners. New York was not only resilient after 9/11 and bounced back better than ever, but it truly is the city of dreams…
  • Chicago Marathon: One of the five world marathon majors, it is a very fast and flat marathon that brings the most elite runner around the world to compete alongside almost 50,000 other runners.  You get to soak in the beauty of Chicago as it starts in Grant Park and goes meanders Little Italy, Old Town Triangle and University Village.
  • Big Sur Marathon: Every turn along Highway 1 presents another stunning panoramic view of the California coastline. Run across bridges and past lighthouses as waves crash against the rocks below.  Runner’s world named this the best destination marathon- but runner’s need to prepare for Big Sur’s steep hills, because it is a much different marathon than most are used to.
  • Marine Corps Marathon: Considered the “People’s Marathon” and held in Washington, D.C.,  this one brings in first-timers as well as veterans as over 20,000 people run through our nation’s Capitol.
  • The Honolulu Marathon: Run along Hawaii’s pristine beaches and attend an after-party near Waikiki Beach, need we say more?
  • Walt Disney World Marathon: Runner of this marathon get to run through Disney World’s castles and theme park, making it “the happiest run on earth.”
  • Los Angeles Marathon: There are famous landmarks every mile of the city of angels run that attracts 15,000 runners a year.
  • Rock’n’Roll San Diego Marathon: This is where the concept of Rock’n’Roll marathons was created.  While running you can enjoy the sand, sun, and surf views.
  • Portland Marathon: This marathon was rated for many years as the top in the U.S. and brings close to 10,000 runners a year.


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