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A revolution has begun in Houston, and it’s all about making a positive change in your daily routine.Samir Becic, internationally renowned fitness trainer and founder of ReSync Fitness, has created a movement called Health and Fitness Revolution, which focuses on encouraging a healthy lifestyle in American society in order to combat the obesity pattern.To begin his nationwide “revolution,” Becic is starting right here in Texas with the 2012 Health and Fitness Challenge, which will include many of Houston’s biggest corporations and businesses. In fact, Lakewood Church, which has a congregation of about 40,000 people, has announced that it will take part in an eight-week Health and Fitness Challenge. Local celebrities Deborah Duncan, Dominique Sachse and former NFL player JJ Moses will join the activities, as well.


Through this Challenge, Becic, along with a large team of personal trainers, offers participants daily tips on healthy eating, as well as posts daily videos of simple, basic exercise activities via social networking sites. Through weekly seminars, Becic and his team will track the progress of participants, with the goal of getting as many Houstonians involved as possible to help them lead healthier lives.


“The idea is to fight the war on obesity in a very positive way,” Becic said. “I want the Health and Fitness Revolution to focus on developing a healthy lifestyle, rather than focus on losing weight. If the main focus is on a healthy lifestyle, the rest will happen naturally.”


In addition to working with big corporations throughout the city, Becic is also taking his Health and Fitness Revolution to small organizations, churches and even prisons, with a goal of showing the public how simple and easy it can be to make a change for the better.


“Through positive reinforcement, education and teamwork, the Health and Fitness Revolution will be a major force in reintroducing the fundamentals of physical fitness and nutrition to both Texans and the rest of the U.S.,”he said.


As Originally Published on Health Fitness Sport Magazine

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