The Most Harmful Cooking Oils


We all love the occasional indulgence, and while there are healthier alternatives to frying foods, we have explored all of the cooking oils that you should toss out of your pantry this instant! All of the recipes that call for oil can include one of the heart healthier choices.

After all, continuously choosing these processed oils listed below can clog up your arteries, and many are even infused with petroleum-based chemical compounds. At high temperatures, this has proven to cause lasting damage in humans and animals. Keep reading to find out which cooking oils your recipes call for that could be harming you:

  • Canola Oil
    This completely genetically modified product, also known as rapeseed oil, was created in Canada. Canola stands for Canadian Low Acid and is extracted from the canola plant, which was engineered to the point where it can be sprayed with powerful pesticides and harvested without any harm done to the crop itself. Regularly ingesting pesticides have been linked to serious conditions such as cancers, childhood ADHD, obesity, and insulin resistance.
  • Soybean Oil
    Commonly referred to as “vegetable oil”, this one is so frequently used because we all assumed it was safe. As it turns out, this oil contains high amounts of linoleic acid. Linoleic acid can maintain immune response if ingested in moderation, but if included in your diet in excess, it has been shown to inspire tumor growth in animals, especially in the breast and colon.
soy bean oil

  • Cottonseed Oil
    Commonly included in margarine, bread, cereals, cottonseed oil has been found to disrupt hormones, especially those that are produced by the male reproductive system of animals. This could also potentially cause harm to humans as well, since there has been much evidence on the harm of phytoestrogens on the liver and male reproductive system.
  • Corn Oil 
    When used for cooking, corn oil has yielded some harmful effects on animals in a recent study by increasing the overall toxicity of the subjects. This oil, once heated and ingested, damages the thymus gland and liver, and eventually stopped all production of sperm in the male subjects in this study.
  • Peanut Oil 
    Extremely similarly to corn oil, this oil can potentially be very harmful to humans when used for cooking as well. Mostly directing its affliction towards the testes and epididymis in male subjects, this oil causes lasting damage typically leading to sterility. 
  • Sunflower Oil 
    Similar to soybean oil, sunflower oil also contains a surplus of linoleic acid. Proven harmful in excess, this oil is also projected to cause tumor growth following human consumption. So the next time you feel like baking cookies, coconut oil may be high in fats, but it is much safer than using sunflower oil!

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