The Top 10 Fittest Female Royalty in the World 2016

fittest female royalty

“The ball was only just beginning as Kitty and her mother walked up the great staircase, flooded with light, and lined with flowers and footmen in powder and red coats…”

Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina portrayed late 19th century aristocrats in their element. They attended royal balls, dressed in luxurious gowns of silk and satin. The jet set royals of the 21st century still know how to throw a party with flowing dresses, but they’ve added gore-tex and polyester cotton blend to their wardrobes. That’s because female royalty is at the forefront of the global fitness movement, leading healthy lives and setting a great example with physical fitness.

HFR founder and four-time “No. 1 Fitness Trainer in the World” Samir Becic and his team investigated the fitness routines of the world’s nobility. What we found was a group of women in the highest echelon of athletes in the world. Our methodology considered their fitness level, nutritional habits, age, medical issues and how they coped with them, and involvement and promotion of healthy lifestyle within their country.

“These fit royals are great trend setters for the new generation in terms of healthy lifestyle. I am impressed with royals all over the world for their conscious contributions to healthy lifestyle. They are participating in the world of the 21st century, where active lifestyle plays a crucial role in world health. ” – Samir Becic

Here are the Top 10 Fittest Female Royalty 2016:

Duchess Kate Elizabeth – England

The Duchess of Cambridge Visits The Olympic Park

  • Gym
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Rowing
  • Tennis
  • In 2008 it was reported that Prince William ordered a new gym to be built at Clarence House for Kate, so that she did not need to visit any other gyms and risk being photographed.
  • She works out for at least an hour a day and loves to stay slim and toned. She and Pippa use the gym all the time because it has great equipment and it’s completely private. She has even had William and Harry doing crunches and press-ups.
  • While studying at college she was captain of the hockey team.
  • Goes skiing every winter with Prince William
  • She fuels her body well with healthy low GI carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats, and exercises hard to burn off any excess energy that she has.

Princess Charlene Wittstock – Monaco


  • Former competitive swimmer
  • Represented South Africa in the 2000 Olympics
  • Does regular workouts, which include weight training, cardio, and stretching
  • Vegetarian
  • Follows a healthy diet
  • Enjoys surfing and hiking

Princess Victoria Désirée – Sweden


  • Met her husband, Prince Daniel, while he was her personal trainer at a gym in Stockholm
  • Enjoys exercising at the gym

Queen Rania Abdullah – Jordan 


  • Eats a healthy diet
  • Likes brown rice, steamed fish, steamed chicken, and green vegetables
  • Prefers foods with low GI
  • Begins her day with yoga
  • Performs Pilates, kickboxing, karate, and taekwondo
  • Enjoys running in her spare time
  • Hobbies also include skiing and cycling
  • Doesn’t smoke or drink

Sheikha Maitha bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Dubai


  • Competed in Taekwondo Women’s Welterweight and finished 7th in the 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • In 2008, she was included as 17th on the list of the “20 Hottest Young Royals” as compiled by Forbes Magazine

Queen Letizia Ortiz – Spain

Princess Letizia of Spain Celebrates Her 40th Birthday

  • Maintains her figure with a healthy diet
  • Avoids refined carbohydrates
  • Exercises
  • Enjoys sailing, skiing, and tennis
  • Promotes nutrition and health
  • Her husband King Felipe VI was named Top 13 Fittest Heads of State

Queen Mathilde Ghisline – Belgium


  • In September 2014, Opened the Special Olympics in Belgium
  • Serves as the World Health Organization’s special representative for Immunizations
  • Promotes women’s health
  • Has been seen skiing with her family

Princess Marie Odile – Denmark


  • Avid sportswoman
  • Has been seen skiing with her family
  • Interested in boxing

Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana – Thailand


  • Loves sports
  • Has participated in badminton and sailing competitions, both nationally and internationally
  • Works out regularly
  • Practices yoga and meditation
  • Enjoys Thai cuisine that is full of herbs, vegetables, and fruits with minimal meat

Queen Sonja Haraldsen – Norway


  • Certified skiing instructor
  • Enjoys long hikes and ski trips in the Norwegian mountains every year
  • Also participates in sailing

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