Top 10 Fittest Actors 2017


Hollywood’s well renown fittest actors are excellent role models for health and fitness because they keep their body images up to par with their top-notch acting skills. Whether they’re clad in armor for a superhero role, or showing their softer side in a romantic comedy, these actors captivate the world with both grace and charm. These male leaders show the world that no fitness level is impossible to attain, and they do so with confidence and tenacity. Although all of Hollywood’s actors deserve encouragement and praise for their hard work, this article focuses on male leaders who promote health and fitness to their fans by maintaining healthy lifestyles.

We have been making lists of the Top 10 Fittest Hollywood Actors for several years now and continue our legacy with this new list. The HFR institute first compiled a list of the most popular 100 actors and did research on all of them. We narrowed down the list to 50, 25, and finally to the reigning 10. We not only used interviews and social media accounts to find information, but we also consulted on the list with founder Samir Becic, who has over 20 years experience as an industry-renowned health and fitness authority.

The HarperCollins author of the fitness book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic says of these leading men: “These extremely fit and tough guys can be an inspriation for millions of young boys to live a healthy, fit, and more fulfilled life. All of you on this list are extraordinary individuals who can be great ambassadors for spreading healthy lifestyle.”

The following was taken into consideration: fitness level, nutritional habits, medical issues and how they’ve coped with them, and their involvement in health promotion. Our picks for fittest Hollywood actors are:

Idris Elba, 44

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  • You may Idris recognize him from his role in the popular HBO series, The Wire or BBC series, Detective John Luther.
  • It’s clearly evident that this 44-year old british actor is in top-notch shape. This 6’2 195 lb actor has been an avid kickboxer for over a decade.
  • He has said of one of his staple workouts: “Shadow-boxing is one of the best workout you can do… you don’t need any equipment, and it works every muscle.”
  • Elba’s love of fitness is about more than superficiality. He thinks knowing how to kick-butt is important. Fortunately for him, his workout of kickboxing is a great way to be ready for battle.
  • Elba’s diet consists of a large breakfast of oatmeal and eggs every morning, followed by smaller meals throughout the day.
  • He also admitted to being a huge snickers bar fan, seeing as it’s his favoring evening indulgence. Life is all about balance!

Christian Bale, 43

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  • Bale has picked up surfing and skateboarding as leisure activities.
  • One of his notable physical endeavors was losing 60 lbs for The Machinist then bouncing from his 120 pounds weight to 220 pounds for Batman.
  • He suffered from poor metabolism after starving to lose weight loss for The Machinist. Upon preparing for his leading role in Batman, Bale had to engage in a diverse set of exercises. Types of trainings he did include weight, plyometric, and martial arts. He also completed high pulls, sprints, lunges, to enhance his workouts.
  • For his role as Batman, he partakes in many action scenes which Bale to be not only buff and look lean for the casual topless scenes but also be a better athlete to make the actions sequences more credible. He had to maximize the use of his speed and agility, components of fitness usually only associated with elite athletes.
  • Not only does Bale advocate running for fun, but he suggests that it’s an effective hangover solution.
  • He sees diet as one of the top influential factors that affect his weight. For Batman, Bale ate very frequently -every 2 to 3 hours- to keep up with his weight and changing metabolism.
  • Bale will go the extra mile when it comes to meeting physical requirements for a role. He admits, “[when] all of the muscles were gone… that was a real tough time… But you have a deadline, you have an obligation. You’ve said that you will commit to this part, and I just can’t live with myself for not really giving it as much as I can.”
  • Although Bale thinks “working out is incredibly boring,” he does not let that stop him from being physically active and helping him achieve his physique.

Chris Pine, 36

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  • Pine practices yoga and boxing to maintain his weight in a well-rounded approach.
  • He likes taking his cardio workouts outdoors by going for a jog or hike. Doing so is a highly effective way to burn calories while improving your heart health.
  • He considers working out as part of his duty and he “what [he enjoys] about it, beyond the vanity, is the Zen of it.” Pine reveals, “I like getting out of my head: One great way is to sweat your face off. I appreciate that if you’re thinking of anything else, you’re not working intensely enough.”
  • For his latest Star Trek role, Pine tried to bulk up his appearance so he balanced a large diet with intense workouts that incorporated circuit training and weightlifting.

Mark Wahlberg, 45

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  • While preparing for Pain & Gain, Wahlberg tweaked his usual workouts by eating more and doing less cardio.
  • There was a seven week deadline for him to go from 165 to 205 pounds. In order to acquire 40 pounds of muscles before shooting Pain & Gain, Wahlberg endured a lot of physical efforts to bulk up wisely.
  • With the exception of Wednesday and Sundays, he trained the other 5 days of the week.
  • He kicked his day off with a refreshing workout followed by a power nap to which he returned back to a bit of cardio and core training in the afternoon
  • Wahlberg improvises his workouts based on what he’s done in the past.
  • When he’s expected to go filming in the day, Wahlberg schedules his workouts at 4AM to make time for the rest of his responsibilities.
  • One of his greatest benching records is doing 335 pounds.

Ryan Reynolds, 40

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  • When he reflects on being in Blade: Trinity, Reynolds says that it transformed his younger, frat-boy self into healthier adult. He has said, “That time changed my life because it taught me you can actually do things that were previously impossible.”
  • It taught him to train out of enjoyment rather than contempt. Reynolds admits, “I’m at my happiest when I’m outdoors, walking in the woods or hiking. I like to try to incorporate those kinds of activities into my morning routine. In some ways, it’s like meditation.”
  • His role in Blade: Trinity motivated him worked out 6 days every week and managed to gain 25 pounds of muscles while eating 3,200 calories.
  • As part of his fitness journey, Reynolds challenged himself to complete the NYC marathon -a 26.2 miles course- within 3 hours and 50 minutes.
  • Rather than ordering takeout, Reynolds prefers home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients and whole grains.
  • He believes that “Nutrition is everything. Everyone thinks getting in shape is 80% working out and 20% diet, but really it’s the other way around.”
  • Reynolds made headlines this year for starring as the lead in Deadpool. He was able to achieve his notably tone body by working out 5 days a week with each of those days dedicated to his arms, legs, shoulders, etc.

Ben Affleck, 44

  • Affleck had to get into more shape for the Batman vs. Superman film released earlier this year.
  • A characteristic of looking his part as Batman was being toned while appearing athletic and sharp.
  • Affleck worked out at least three hours 5-6 times per week leading up to the movie. Once filming began, he maintained his workouts but limited it to at least two hours for 3-4 days each week.
  • He gravitated towards completing full body workouts that combine cardio, weights (deadlifts, curls, etc.), martial arts, and resistance and strength training.
  • Jennifer Garner, Affleck’s ex-wife, reveals that his triceps measured 17 inches after his training.

Brad Pitt, 53

  • Pitt is no stranger to roles where he’s had to keep a toned, muscular figure. His feature in Troy and Fight Club demonstrates that Pitt is a pro of staying in shape for his demanding roles.
  • He avoids fried items, dairy products, and processed foods whenever possible to look his best. Pitt makes these dietary choices by cutting out soda, indulgent sweets, and white flour.
  • Pitt allocates a different weekday to a exercising certain muscle group. He spends the remainder of his week and/or rest days doing cardio.
  • He has said, “I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it’s up to me.”

Tom Cruise, 54

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  • There is no rest day for Cruise. He chooses to stay active regardless if he’s shooting for a movie or not.
  • Some of his favorite activities include biking, hiking, airplane flying, motorcycling.
  • When it comes to prepping for a role, Cruise says he “trains pretty hard.” In fact, he dedicated a year prior to his role in The Last Samurai training everyday for 6 hours to master sword fighting in different environments.
  • No stunt double needed. Cruise often executes his own stunts during action scenes so he works hard to keep his physique, stamina, and strength top-notch.
  • Cruise balances a healthy diet, weightlifting, and cardio to stay in shape.

Will Smith, 48

  • Smith is practically a veteran when it comes to looking and staying toned throughout Hollywood history.
  • He runs almost everyday for 5 miles and weight trains throughout the week.
  • After prepping for Ali, Smith has since adopted boxing into his weekly workout sessions.
  • He has said, “You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you be sexier than me, you might be all of those things. You got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m gonna die. It’s really that simple.”
  • Protein is a must with all the exercising he does so Smith grabs protein shakes when he’s on the go to help meet his daily 8 high-protein meal goal.
  • Smith accommodates for his sweet tooth by keeping a tab on his total carbs and allowing one cheat day to indulge in a reward.

Bradley Cooper, 42

  • As an A-list actor, Cooper also on top of his game when it comes to his physical health and wellbeing.
  • Cooper’s 5 best practical advice on living healthier are: maximize your exercises, don’t slack on your diet (let your body detox for the 6 weeks you’re eating clean), get your protein from high-quality sources, use your goal to stay motivated, and drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • He has said that, “Staying focused on your goal helps you through workouts and keeps you from cheating on your diet. Put a picture of what you want your body to look like in your kitchen. It’s a constant reminder where you need it most.”
  • On resetting the body, Cooper has said that “It’s vital you allow your body to rid itself of toxins and keep your hormones at optimal levels [for a minimum of 6 weeks]. Sugar and processed food cause your body respond in a way that prevents proper muscle growth.”

Chris Pratt, 37

  • While many know him for being the food-obsessed junkie in Parks and Recreation, Pratt decided to shape up after scoring the lead role in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • His weight often fluctuated with his filmography, but prioritizing a healthier life made him realize that having a sustainable regime is a lifestyle and not a temporary commitment.
  • He reveals that during his 300 pounds days, he felt “impotent, fatigued, [and] emotionally depressed.” He also adds, “I had real health issues that were affecting me in a major way. It’s bad for your heart, your skin, your system, [and] your spirit.”
  • Pratt was able to lose 80 pounds and gain muscles by committing to a low-carb diet and doing CrossFit training.
  • In 2015, he ran a triathlon in Florida to support injured military men and women.
  • His weight loss advice is, “just cut the crap out of your diet, and if you spend an hour a day doing something physical that will make you sweat, six months will pass by, and you will feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

Daniel Craig, 48

  • Despite being “big and muscled [for Casino Royale],” Craig did not regard himself as fit as he was by the Quantum of Solace came around. He felt that he “needed to get as fit as I possibly could” so he did.
  • Craig’s dedication for his James Bond role encouraged him to ditch his smoking habit.
  • He permitted himself to grab drink on Fridays and Saturdays, but not any other day of the week.
  • Changes in his diet included 5-6 meals a day that were filled with plenty of greens  and a choice of high-quality protein (any animal product: egg, meat, etc.).
  • Based on Men’s Health, Craig reserved his weekdays for weight training and dedicated his weekends to less strenuous activities such as cardio or stretching.
  • In an interview, Craig has exclaimed: “Look, I’ve got to look like I can kill somebody. If I take my shirt off, it’s not, ‘Oh, nice body.’ It’s got to be, ‘Oh, fucking hell, he could do somebody.’”

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