The Top 10 Health Benefits of Exercising with a Friend


Perhaps you enjoy jogging solo, or even taking a silent bike ride through the park, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make room for a friend to join you on your voyage. In fact, if your objective is to stay motivated or make exercise a routine, a workout partner can help! If you’re accustomed to exercising by your lonesome, maybe it’s time to try something new. We’ve compiled a top 10 list for you- outlining why everybody should exercise with a buddy.


Quit quitting! We all know how easy it is to talk yourself out of a workout- especially after a long day at work, but the second this turns into a routine is the second you start hurting yourself. The easiest way to fix this is to find a workout buddy! Sharing a workout regimen with someone also means sharing a concrete date. You’re far less likely to skip out on your workouts if it means cancelling on a friend.

Avoid Injury

If you’re an avid or occasional weight lifter, you’re more than likely aware of the benefits that come with having a personal spotter. Your right hand man- or lady- can help you count reps, check your form, and make alterations before they become painful mistakes!


Competitiveness is human nature- and in this case, only helps. Maybe your exercise partner is a bit fitter and faster than you are. While their superiority in the weight room may intimidate you, it’ll also you challenge you to push yourself. Not only will this drive you to push yourself further, it’ll drive you with the goal of surpassing your partner. According to a 1992 study on exercise, Social support positively correlated with physical activity. This competitiveness can help strengthen both your body and mind.

More FUN

Hitting the gym with one, or even multiple friends can be a lot of fun. And oddly enough, a key element in forming any lifestyle habit is- you guessed it- fun. It’s always more enjoyable to share common goals with a friend. After all, it’s a lot funner to play a game of racquetball with a friend.

Save Money

Perhaps you’ve been doing some research on hiring a personal trainer, but just don’t have the funds to cover it. Well ponder on this: if sharing a pizza is a lot cheaper than buying one for yourself, why not split a personal trainer? A workout partner can bear some of the cost for a personal trainer, making training sessions cheaper for both of you. This way, you’ll get the individual support you need, just for a cheaper price.

Avoid Plateaus

Working out by yourself can leave you stuck repeating the same regimen. Partnering up with someone means having access to new moves, which can prevent you from plateauing. Not only can your friend teach you some new moves, they can also inform you when a particular regimen is getting boring.

Two-Person Moves

You can only do so much when you’re working out solo. Exercising with a partner can broaden your range of motion- literally. In other words, you can try out some moves that require two people. Some examples of partnered workouts include:

  • Medicine ball crunches
  • Back to back wall sits
  • Reach and touch planks
  • Dynamic Lunges

More Sex

Now don’t get too excited- this one only applies if your workout buddy is also your life partner. According to a study, the physical symptoms you experience after exercising- enhanced heart rate, adrenaline rush, and flushed skin- mirror the symptoms of arousal. This may explain why we feel more sexually to our partners after enduring an pheromone pumping activity.

Experience Thin-fluence

While this may sound shallow at first look- hear us out before pointing the superficial finger! A Harvard study has actually proven that having thin friends can be good for you! These researchers have proven that obesity truly is a disease- and a contagious one at that. Yes- this means you can ‘catch’ obesity- and the best way to avoid this is to surround yourself with healthy role models. The thinner your friends are, the more likely you’ll think twice before reaching for another french fry. So be a good samaritan and promote your friends’ fitness by pumping steel together!

Recover Together

Is there anything worse than undoing all of your hard work by overdoing it on a cheat day? A friend who sweat their butt off with you will more than likely want to share healthy eating tips, and even a couple cheat days. This lifestyle bond will keep you and your appetite on its tippy toes- sugary cravings and all.

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