Who Are the Top 10 Fittest Celebrities of 2014?


We are bringing you the 2014 list of Top 10 Naturally Fit Celebrities- because we condone all natural ways of being healthy!

As Samir wrote in his article on Steroids and Doping, many celebrities today feel the pressure to look perfect both in their roles and on the red carpet- which pushes many of them to use un-natural means of appearing fit and “healthy”. All health experts will tell you that simply looking the part does not make one truly healthy, and that looks can be deceiving! Taking steroids, or diet pills, is detrimental to health longterm and can lead to some serious medical problems.

Samir Becic, 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the world and the Health Fitness Revolution team is bringing your our list of the 10 Fittest Celebrities.  These celebrities are household names and we chose them in order to motivate everyone to be healthier, fitter, and more balanced.  We chose them based on their fitness levels and body type- we recognize that not everyone is built the same with regards to their heritage and cultural background. We made sure that all of them use natural means to be healthy and fit!

We first researched all the available data on Hollywood celebs online and narrowed it down to 100. Then, we did more extensive research to narrow it down 50, 25, and then finally 10. We used a combination of interviews, internet, library, industry literature, and Samir Becic’s knowledge of over 33 years in athletics coupled with his experience as 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the World.

The actors on this list not only lead healthy lifestyles themselves, but also promote healthy lifestyle to their fans.

The following was all taken into consideration: fitness level, nutritional habits, age, their own medical issues and how they coped with them, and involvement and promotion of healthy lifestyle in general. Our picks our listed in no particular order:


Madonna_Muscles_68_1237320aAt 53, Madonna is a living entertainment legend, now even owns a chain of fitness gyms worldwide and is not shy about her own rigorous training and diet. Madonna possesses a level of commitment to health and fitness that most people can’t even imagine. It takes dedication to exercise, nutrition (she eats a macrobiotic diet), and sleep. Her focus in training is on strength at a cardio pace.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.”

Madonna specifically moves through a lot of strength movements at a steady, unforgiving pace in addition to yoga, pilates, and hours of dance rehearsals daily.

Matthew McConaughey

matthew_mcconaughey1_300_40Matthew is a busy father of 3, but he makes time to workout- even at home! A typical workout consists of pull-ups on the kids swingset, sprints in the backyard, and free weights. He is also a fan of mountain biking and surfing because he likes his workouts to be as mental or spiritual as they are physical.

 “Sometimes you can get the body in shape, and the head ain’t in great shape,” he says. “But it’s real nice if you can coordinate ’em.”

His trainer even attributes his youthful appearance with the fact that he keeps training year-round and not just for roles (as many actors in Hollywood do). McConaughey’s active lifestyle is matched by his love of healthy food. Because fitness plays such a big part in his own life, he started the non-profit organization j.k. livin foundation, which funds an after-school fitness and wellness program for some of the nation’s most vulnerable inner-city teenagers. The foundation’s name is shorthand for “just keep living,” a personal mantra inspired by the passing of his father.

Clint Eastwood

clint eastwoodEastwood, a lifelong non-smoker, has been conscious of his health and fitness since he was a teenager, and practices healthful eating habits, even into his 80s. He practices daily transcendental meditation, and is renowned for being an obsessive health and fitness nut.

“I’d always done muscle-training exercise,” Clint says, “things like chins, clips and calisthenics, but it was when I was in the Army that I discovered the weights – the kind of training you’d call bodybuilding today. I never wanted to build huge muscles and bulk up like a competitive bodybuilder, but I realized very quickly that the best way to keep your muscles strong, hard, and fit was with weight training. And once I got into weight training, I never gave it up.”

Eastwood maintains a low-fat, high protein diet and gets plenty of sleep. Everything in moderation, nothing in excess. Some cardiovascular exercise, some muscle training. Eating healthy food and watching your weight. And exercise and attention to diet, Clint Eastwood believes, should be a lifetime habit, best begun when you are as young as possible.

“Stay away from carbohydrates, especially rich desserts. Keep a scale in your bathroom. Get proper rest. Try to be optimistic. Eat fruits and raw vegetables. Take vitamins. Skip beverages loaded with sugars. Avoid alcohol in excess.”

Jessica Biel

jessica biel

Jessica combines walking lunges, sprinting, cardio workouts, and yoga. Her trainer has her do a lot of plyometrics in an intense workout that lasts under and hour. She also loves going for hikes and jogs with her dogs and instead of treating that activity as pure cardio, she focuses on the mental health benefits of bonding with her pups in nature “It keeps me very…clearheaded, and it helps me to refresh,” she says.

“For me, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, having a healthy diet, and staying away from alcohol are musts. It’s so boring, I know, but doing those things really helps.”

She eats a lot of vegetables, and grain proteins. She is a fan of fermented veggies and probiotics also, which she considers great for her skin and digestion.

Brad Pitt


“I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it’s up to me.”

From being featured in movies like Fight Club and Troy, Brad Pitt knows a thing or two about staying fit and obtaining lean muscle mass. Looking at Brad’s physique, it is obvious that he didn’t get that way eating burgers and fries. He stays away from dairy and fried foods, and processed foods like bleached white flour, soft drinks, pastries, and fruit juices. His training routine consists of focusing on a different muscle group each day of the week and finishing off the week with cardio on rest days.

Jane Fonda


Jane Fonda, at 76, is a true life testament to the fact that healthy lifestyle keeps one young, vibrant, and balanced.

“It’s important to exercise when you’re younger,” Fonda says. “It’s the No. 1 ingredient for successful aging. It makes a difference for all aspects of your life and your body. I know what exercise has done to my life profoundly — not just my body, but my mind. I do what makes me feel good.”

As she has gotten older, Jane transitioned from the rigorous, high-impact aerobic exercise she extolled during the 1980s to gentler, lower-impact workouts. Fonda does yoga, strength-trains, walks, cycles, and uses the elliptical trainer. Since she has adopted a more laid-back approach to fitness, she makes a concerted effort to eat well. She says she eats by color, something dark green, dark purple, red, orange, yellow, white, because they all have different vitamins and minerals in them.

Tom Cruise

tom cruise

Tom Cruise works out everyday- even when he’s off, he’s either hiking, biking, flying planes, or riding a motorcycle.

“I train pretty hard,” Cruise admits. “For ‘The Last Samurai (2003),’ I spent a year training six hours a day, seven days a week to be able to handle a sword and do it on uneven terrain, because I didn’t want to blow my knees out.”

Cruise, who is 51 years old, is known for doing a lot of his own stunt work in his action films, which means he always has to maintain peak physical strength and endurance with functional muscle. In addition to following a strict diet and lifting weights several hours a day, Tom also does cardio daily.

Jennifer Lopez


This beautiful 44 year old Latina woman knows about being active and fit! She began her career as a professional dancer and has maintained her fitness since then. In terms of her fitness routine, she varies her cardio so as to not get bored and believes that there is nothing better than your own body weight to help you lose or shift fat.

“Having twins changed my body. It feels different on the inside as well as the outside. The texture of my muscles has even changed. I feel like I’ve hit my stride in my 40s. In my 20s I knew nothing about taking care of my body but now I’m 41, I feel like this is the age. I think women are looking after themselves more than ever.”

In terms on nutrition, she does not believe in starving herself but follows a regimen that ensures she eats the right things at the right time. She also drinks a lot of water daily.

Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz is 41 and has never looked- or felt- better! She feels so empowered that she hopes to help other women change their lives the same way – the main motivator to write her recently published book The Body Book where she delves into the science behind why she looks and feels so amazing.

“I fell into fitness by accident,” says Cameron. “But it’s become something I depend on physically and emotionally. I feel so much more empowered now. I want women to know that it’s never too late to start paying attention to their bodies.”

Diaz is honest about not going to the gym every day, but says she stays consistent overall. She is a fan of outdoor exercise and loves hiking, jogging, and surfing. She is a big proponent of eating clean and while she used to love fast food, she now treats it like it’s poison.



Many women love Beyonce because she looks real. She has envious curves, but is still very toned and healthy- and makes no secret of having to work for it.

“The truth is, it’s a lot of sacrifice. It’s more about your mental strength than physical strength. You have to push yourself. It doesn’t matter what trainer you have. And it doesn’t matter what program you’re on. You have to be healthy and make the right choices.”

She recently went 22 days Vegan with her husband, Jay-Z (which we wrote about here) as a health experiment. In terms of her workouts, she tries to fit in as much as she can into her hectic schedule by interval training, alternating between sprinting and running while on the treadmill, to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. To tone, she does exercises that work several muscle groups at once; she’s also dancing regularly as practice for her physically rigorous concerts.


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