Top 10 Fittest Cities in the U.S.


Samir Becic and his Health Fitness Revolution team did research and found the Fittest Cities in the U.S. With this article, we want to alert other American cities to be more physically fit and active in order to be the healthiest they can in the 21st century.  The wealth and prosperity of a nation is dependent on the health and physicality of it’s people. With this being said, Health Fitness Revolution will go into every segment of society and pick good examples in healthy lifestyle in order the create strong examples and ambassadors.

Washington, DC 


Population: 632,323

Obesity Rate: 27.1%

Exercise Rate: 80.1%


San Francisco, CA


Population: 825,863

Obesity Rate: 18.4%

Exercise Rate: 81.5%


 Denver, CO


Population: 634,265

Obesity Rate: 19.3%

Exercise Rate: 83%

Boston, Mass


Population: 625,087

Obesity Rate: 19.9%

Exercise Rate: 78.6%


Sacramento, Calif


Population: 472,178

Obesity Rate: 21.4%

Exercise Rate: 82.3%

Seattle, WA


Population: 634,535

Obesity Rate: 22.8%

Exercise Rate: 81.9%


Minneapolis, MN


Population: 387,753

Obesity Rate: 23.9%

Exercise Rate: 84.3%


Portland, OR 


Population: 593,820

Obesity Rate: 23.9%

Exercise Rate: 82.3%


Salt Lake City, UT


Population: 189,899

Obesity Rate: 24.0%

Exercise Rate: 82.3%


Atlanta, GA


Population: 432,427

Obesity Rate: 28.7%

Exercise Rate: 74.2%


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