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We all know that laughter is good for the mind, the body, the soul. Physiologically, the body goes through many positive changes during and after chuckles- it decreases stress hormones, triggers endorphin (happy hormone) release, increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Endorphins are also released after working out and they promote an overall sense of well-being and have been known to even offer temporary pain relief. So go see one of these fittest comedians live and have a good laugh to improve your health too!

We have been making lists of the Top 10 Fittest Comedians for several years now and continue our legacy with this new list. The HFR institute first compiled a list of the most popular 100 comedians and did research on all of them. We narrowed down the list to 50, 25, and finally to the reigning 10. We not only used interviews and social media accounts to find information, but we also consulted on the list with founder Samir Becic, who has over 20 years experience as an industry-renowned health and fitness authority.

Samir Becic says of these funnymen (and women) “There is a famous saying that laughter is the best medicine, yet many comedians are very often depressed. This is why these 10 rockstar comedians are put on a pedestal for being funny and fit!”

Here’s a list of the top 10 fittest comedians of 2017:

Dane Cook

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  • Cook is no stranger to the gym.
  • He enjoys doing planks to strengthen his core.
  • When it comes to building his stamina and muscle mass, Cook challenges himself by lifting heavy weights.
  • He likes to get his cardio by running.
  • Paddle boarding and recreational swimming are just some of Cook’s favorite outdoor activities.
  • Bringing his dog along with him keeps his daily strolls/hikes more pleasant.
  • He gets creative with his training by bringing basketball into his workout routine.
  • He drinks adequate amounts water everyday.

Amy Schumer

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  • Instead of asking someone to drive her places, Schumer prefers walking whenever she can. Walking is an integral part of her life that she’ll even conduct her digital meetings while taking a stroll outside.
  • She also loves using her fitbit to record her daily steps. It’s not uncommon for her to reach 15,000 steps by noon, which is triple the average steps Americans take before lunchtime.
  • Schumer has been praised as being “Super fit… [and] will run circles around people” by her trainer, Hayley Pasternak.
  • She lives by saying, “Strong in the gym, lean in life”
  • She’s a firm advocate of learning self acceptance and building your self esteem. In her body positivity campaign, she admits to learning how to accept her size changing between a 6-8.
  • Schumer enjoys going outdoors to hike.
  • She incorporates yoga into her workout routine.  
  • Her boxing partner is an experienced fighter.
  • Schumer has a well-rounded lifestyle. She eats healthy and makes time to workout.

Kevin Hart

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  • With all his growing success, Hart jokes that he hardly has time to even run to the restroom.
  • Don’t let his 5’4” stature fool you. His social media posts show that his fitness journey has only made him stronger and more humorous.
  • He maintains his overall health by prioritizing his family and allocating time for his kids.
  • It doesn’t matter where his career takes him, Hart squeezes in a workout wherever he travels to.
  • He credits his supportive network of active friends for helping him commit to exercising 5-6 times a week. Hart accommodates his exercise schedule with work by bringing his gear with him.
  • He comes to every training because he believes in zero off days and is empowered by the benefits of working out.
  • Has a gym trailer on set to fit in workouts when he can.
  • Staying “naturally fit” is Hart’s fitness goal. He concentrates on strengthening his core and lifting weights.
  • In the past years, Hart has been active in a Nike series called Inner Strength.
  • Not only does he make time for himself, but he makes time for others. As the spokesperson for Nike, Hart helps organize 5K runs in the U.S.. He hopes to expand his efforts to other nations and he invites his fans to participate.

Franchesca Ramsey

  • Kettlebell and kickboxing are just some of her exercising favorites.
  • She would rather start her day with a workout than later in the evening.
  • She attends a pound fitness class, which incorporates drumming into cardio and interval training.
  • Part of her approach to eating a healthy diet is cutting out fructose syrups.
  • Ramsey frequently uses Instagram to document her fitness journey and challenging workouts.

Jenny McCarthy

  • McCarthy was the cover star for Playboy six times.
  • Doing a variety of workouts has helped her maintain her notable abs even after having her son at age 44. However, she suffered from self-acceptance issues during her pregnancy when she reached 211 pounds.
  • Is a fan of hot yoga.
  • She keeps her figure by strength training.
  • Jenny gravitates towards full body workouts that include a variation of planks, sit-ups, pushups, and lunges.
  • Her minimum weekly workout consists of running on three days and doing yoga twice a week.
  • She is passionate about eating a balanced diet. McCarthy said, “Especially in today’s age how convenient fast food restaurants are, and how exhausted we are as mothers. It’s too overwhelming that we sacrifice [healthy] food,”
  • Prefers eating a bowl of soup to stay satisfied while opting out of gluten and dairy in her diet.
  • She notes that her lifestyle changes have made her mentally and physically stronger.

The Wayans Brothers

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  • The Wayans brothers keep up with their physical health so they can channel that energy during their performances. Working out builds their stamina, generates enthusiasm, and cultivates positive energy that keeps their comedy top-notch.
  • Marlon Wayan has mentioned, “I work out five to six days a week in order to keep my energy up. I don’t always feel like going, but it keeps my body and mind sharp.”
  • The Wayans Brothers avoid boredom by circuit training together and working out 5 to 6 times per week.
  • They attend yoga sessions to destress and kickstart their day with positivity.
  • They don’t accept work as an excuse to skip a workout. In fact, they use training videos to guide their exercises while on the roads.

Ricky Gervais

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  • Comic actor and creator of The Office, Ricky Gervais, discovered a new-found passion for fitness a couple years ago.
  • He said his moment of truth was in December 2009 when he ate eleven sausages in one sitting and realizes he needed to make a change.
  • He once tweeted: “Got a proper job at 28. Gave it up to try comedy at 38. Decided to get healthy and fit at 48. It’s never too late. But do it now. Have a great day.”
  • For years, he didn’t focus on his health and fitness at all- until one day, he decided it was time for a change.
  • Ricky went from 200 pounds to 168 pounds, through hard work and dedication.
  • He says that he simply realized how easy it is to simply put on sneakers and start running.
  • He started slow and steady, running short distances at first, and kept building his endurance and strength. He started seeing incredible improvements and fell in love with fitness.
  • Was featured in Men’s Health, and says that although he wonders why he didn’t start exercising sooner, he is living proof that it is never too late to get started and get fit.
  • Enjoys kick boxing.

Anthony Anderson

  • In 2009, after losing a few pounds, saw a picture of himself from 2008 and realised that he need to make a healthy change.
  • Anderson has since lost over 50 lbs and continues his new lifestyle “I decided I needed to get better about my lifestyle. I want to be around for my family to enjoy the spoils of my riches and be able to grow old with my children,” Anderson said.
  • He was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 at age 31, and began making changes in his diet. When he become more serious about working out as well, he cut fried foods and began eating more vegetables.
  • He’s a die-hard cook who has taken master classes at Le Cordon Blue and even has a Food Network cooking show, “Carnival Cravings With Anthony Anderson,” but when it came to his personal health, he had to make a change.
  • In 2014, he went vegan for 6 months for the experience. He said he knew it wouldn’t be a permanent change, but “but I do things like that for the betterment and longevity of my life just because of the things I’m predisposed to.”
  • He works out with a trainer.
  • Walks on the treadmill at the highest incline at 4.5 mph for an hour once or twice a day.
  • He often shares his workouts on his social media and even challenges other celebrities, including fellow list member Kevin Hart, who also made our Fittest Comedians 2016.
  • Has been known to workout at 3 a.m. if it’s the only time he can fit it in.
  • Tours and speaks around the country to African-American communities about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Sarah Silverman

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  • Uses the app Lose It! to keep track of the calories in her food. It has revolutionized her eating habits because she knows what’s going into her body.
  • Has battled depression
  • Advocates being active no matter what. “Sweat a little every day. Organize your apartment, do your laundry, play basketball or nuzzle with another person.”
  • Plays basketball

Editor’s Note: Number 10, Kathy Griffin was removed due to inappropriate behavior towards the President of the United States.

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