Top 10 Healthy Gifts 2019


With the Holiday season in full swing, and stress levels rampant- we have checked one item off your list- finding the perfect healthy gift for your loved ones! So take a deep breath, enjoy time with family, and follow our guide to staying healthy during this season with family-friendly activities. Then, take a look at this list and get some great ideas for the health aficionados in your life! Without further ado, here is our ultimate guide for finding creative gift ideas for everyone on your list:

For the person who wants to eat healthier…

There’s a good reason that Vitamix is world-famous, it’s superior quality and ability to blend almost anything makes this countertop gem the best in the biz. The person who gets this gift can enjoy healthy smoothies every day- all backed by their generous 7-year warranty!

For the one who always knows the hottest new songs…

Music is healthy, it’s therapy to many people. With these highly rated Bluetooth headphones (4.5 stars with over 18k reviews!), your loved one can enjoy energy-boosting tunes while breaking a sweat at the gym- all without having to worry about a chord! Bonus, they’re under $50…

For the person who loves scented wall plug-ins but knows they’re not safe…

Pura Smart Device
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Everyone wants a pleasant smelling home- but most wall plug-ins available are actually very unhealthy, they contain both formaldehyde and a chemical called naphthalene. Lab studies, conducted on rats, have found that they can cause cancer in the lungs and tissue damage. Pura is a revolutionary new and fragrance-safe plug-in (and night light) with a smart app, that lets you:

  • Swap between 2 fragrances to never tire of a scent or to reflect your mood
  • Set custom schedules to keep your house smelling fresh and match your lifestyle
  • Adjust scent intensity to your preference and the size of your space
  • Uses the highest quality, safe ingredients. Has partnerships with some of your favorite scent brands, including Nest and capriBLUE (the infamous maker of Volcano)!

For the anxious person…

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Weighted blankets have been on the top of so many gifting guides because they work. We highlighted the health benefits of weighted blankets before, and we are big believers in their efficacy. So get one that is around 10% of the recipient’s weight and you will hear about how much they love it for years to come!

For the person who loves cardio…

Jumping rope has so many benefits, including being a fat blaster because it burns so many calories! This particular rope comes with a phone app to give access to hundreds of fast and effective workouts wherever and an online community of over 75,000 jumpers to keep motivated!

For the pet lover who doesn’t love how the house smells…

As we mentioned earlier, most home fragrances are filled with harmful chemicals for not only your family but your pets too. This revolutionary Aera device, which uses ultra-tiny scent molecules fill a space with even, livable fragrance. We love that they use the highest quality fragrance and essential oils, sustainably sourced and lovingly blended- so even though everyone loves having Fido around (and dogs are great for your well-being), no one has to smell him!

  • Adjustable settings 1-10 for small, medium, or large rooms
  • Hypoallergenic scent technology, safe for your family & pets
  • Consistent, long-lasting fragrance for 800 HOURS
  • Can fill a space up to 2,000 sq feet

For the person who works out and deserves some much-needed recovery…

Take a wellness cue from the likes of Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga and take your DOSE on the go. The sauna studios in New York that have a cult-like following among the famous have created an awesome detoxifying infrared blanket for on the go! Perfect for traveling or at-home use, this Infrared Sauna Blanket detoxify the body, deliver fresh nutrients to muscles and boost metabolic rate—so you burn calories like you’re working out, without working out. 


  • Detoxification – 7x more detoxifying than traditional heat
  • Anti-anxiety – increases feel-good chemicals and lowers cortisol
  • Calorie burn – up to 600 calories per hour
  • Anti-aging – boosts collagen and produces a healthy “glow”
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases blood flow and circulationSoothes sore muscles and joints

For the workaholic…

If you’re gonna be at a desk all day, you might as well find an ergonomic one! This stability ball duo was created by health and fitness experts to improve overall well-being and provide an active flexible seating outlet that promotes proper alignment and relieves back pain and soreness associated with sitting for long periods of time Bonus: Sitting on this can boost energy and focus! The micro-movements from sitting on a balance ball chair work to engage the body and mind, leading to higher energy levels and increased productivity and focus at home, in the classroom at school or at your desk in the office.

For the friend that loves Aromatherapy…

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Aromatherapy is so healthy and has been used for millennia to treat all kinds of ailments. What we love about this particular nebulizer is how effective it is because it uses only pure essential oil, no water (like other traditional diffusers) to dilute the scent or to grow mold. It uses no heat so it maintains the therapeutic properties of your oils. It works by using a whisper-quiet, ultra-durable air pump to naturally atomize pure essential oil into millions of tiny micro-particles your body can absorb quickly. Our pro-tip: find an immunity essential oil blend to stave off any wintertime cold/flu bugs around your home!

For the yogi in your life…

The Manduka PRO mat is THE mat of choice of yogis globally. It is made of high-density cushion that offers joint protection and unmatched support- they even say that the more you use, the better it gets! Bonus: they stand by their product so much that they offer a Lifetime Warranty. For those that prefer a slimmer or longer mat, they also offer thin versions and tall versions.

Bonus: for the lovers

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FORIA offers a Holy Grail lubricating oil that has been raved about in magazines such as Playboy, Vogue, and Vice Magazine. The Awaken Natural Arousal Oil with CBD & Botanicals is the first massage oil made with broad-spectrum CBD and synergistic botanical & aromatic oils (but don’t worry, you won’t get high!). This aphrodisiac oil offers sensation and pleasure while also decreasing discomfort and dryness. The product works by decreasing muscular tension, enhancing blood flow, and decreasing pain. Additionally, it’s chocolate and mint aroma will have you yearning for more. Users have claimed that the oil made intimacy feel more satisfying as they were able to feel every sensation. We highly recommend this product- the rave reviews are true (this is a game-changer)!

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