Top 10 Healthy Things To Do In Singapore

healthy things to do in singapore

Singapore is an island just south of Malaysia in South East Asia. The tiny nation is half futuristic city and half rain forest, making for a totally unique mix of urban and natural sight-seeing. It is also a very developed and healthy nation, landing it a spot on our top 10 healthiest countries in the world list. We’ve listed 10 healthy things to do in Singapore below.

  • Tai Chi in the park: Tai Chi is very popular in Singapore. Every morning and afternoon, people congregate in public spaces to perform the serenity-inducing movements of tai chi. Health benefits of tai chi range from  increased flexibility to stress release.
  • Yoga in the Gardens: Yoga, a close cousin of Tai Chi, is also a common way to stay healthy in the big city. Meet ups such as Yoga in the Garden at the beautiful Gardens By The Bay is the perfect way to get your vitamin D while being social and healthy. After you roll up your matt, go explore the garden grounds and see the 500,000 species of plant.
  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum: Buddhism has many healthy teachings that everyone, regardless of religious background, can apply to their lives. Travelers can visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum in Singapore to find spiritual balance. The extravagant architecture is an aesthetic treat for the eyes, and the art and statues will help you feel closer to the sublime. And it is seven stories so expect lots of walking!
  • Bike Around The City: In some cities, you are risking your life by hopping on your bike. Not so in Singapore. It is a very clean and orderly city with well-maintained pedestrian sidewalks and plenty of bike paths. Biking is a healthy and effective way to see all the main sites in the city and to get a taste for what Singapore is all about. Guided tours are available or you can rent a bike and go it alone or with the squad.
  • Hike in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve: A nature reserve in Singapore? Isn’t that country just one big city? While most of Singapore is urban, the government does a nice job of maintaining beautiful natural environment in the interior. The preserved rainforest is perfect for hikes and rock climbing. Very healthy! Also, very humid.
  • Walk The Southern Ridges: Take a stroll through the urban jungle, in a very literal meaning of the word. This treetop walk trades high rise buildings for high rise bridges just over the rain forest at the Southern Ridges.
  • Sail Singapore: Sailing is a very healthy activity and popular hobby in Singapore, no surprise for a country on the tip of a peninsula. Singapore’s spacious bays provide calm water for sailors. Get out on the water with your crew and experience the city from a different perspective.
  • Grab a Healthy Meal: Singapore has a vibrant food scene, incorporating elements from Chinese, Malaysian, European, and other cuisines. Some of that food is fatty and fried, while other is healthy and delicious. Eat some healthy food at one of these health restaurants.
  • Enjoy A Spa Day: No stranger to the finer things in life, Singapore is home to many luxurious spas and saunas. Get pampered with tropical plants surrounding you
  • Run With The Singapore Shufflers: Singapore is a place with strong community bonds. Fitness meet ups like the Singapore Shufflers Running Group let you make friends while staying fit.


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