Top 10 Healthy Things To Do In Italy

healthy things to do in italy

Ask just about anyone in the world what their top 3 dream vacations would be, and Italy will be at on their list. Who could blame them? From the grandeur of Roman ruins to the breathtaking natural beauty of Tuscany, the peninsula is the place of dreams. It is also a place of health, thanks to the simple but nutritious cuisine and ample reasons to get outside. It even made our list of the top 10 healthiest countries in the world. We’ve broken down the top 10 healthy things to do in Italy so bask in all the health benefits that the country has to offer.

  • Soak in Sardinia: Take a trip to Sardinia, a large island off the east coast of Italy. This Mediterranean island has one of the longest living populations on earth and is the secret It is home to more centenarians than anywhere else in the entire world, so it is best to stay there and learn the secret to long life from the people who live it.
  • Bike In Beautiful Abruzzo: Although there is no shortage of good cycling opportunities in Italy, Abruzzo in central Italy really lets you escape from the crowds and enjoy the outdoors. The area is sparsely populated but is home to a diverse environment, with 3 national parks, a mountain range, and coastal plains.
  • Ski The Dolomites: Italy may not have the same reputation as Switzerland and Austria as a ski destination, but it rivals them in terms of natural beauty and exceeds them in relaxation. The Dolomites is the most popular ski destination in the country. Nestled in a wide range of mountains in the north east, this area is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Enjoy Frutti Di Marre: Unsurprisingly, fresh seafood is bountiful in a country with 7,600 km of coastline. There’s no reason to carb overload the entire time you are in Italy, nor should you think about on missing out on authentic local cuisine for the sake of your diet. Instead, eat some octopus, scallops, shrimp, squid, fish, and any of the other lean protein-packed fish options available throughout the country.
  • Gaze At The Sea In Villa Cimbrone: Stress is draining you of your essence is a source of health risks. Our jobs, technology, relationships, and just about everything else has the potential to stress us out and contributes to increased cortisol levels. Traveling, especially in a tourist-dense country like Italy, can add a whole other slew of stressors. So take a break from the museums and cathedrals with a nice relaxing stint in a small town on the Amalfi coast. Stay somewhere like the Villa Cimbrone for a few days and take in the gardens and the sea, the great food and the friendly people. De-stressing is one of the healthiest things you can do!
  • Horseback Riding In Sicily: Explore the Mediterranean island on horseback. From craggy mountains to rocky beaches, Sicily is as a perfect for a horseback riding. Cover more ground and enjoy the many health benefits of horseback riding this way. Most horseback riding adventures come with wine and delicious lunch.
  • Experience the Sublime At The Duomo: Spiritual health is a key component of a healthy lifestyle, and there are many spiritual sites on the Italian peninsula. Even if you are not Roman Catholic, you will be in awe at the aesthetic and religious ornamentation of sites like Duomo in Florence.
  • Walking Tour of the Colosseum: Experience the grandeur of the ancient Roman empire by taking a walking tour of the Coliseum. Once the house of athletic competitions ranging from gladiator battles to hunts, the Colosseum is now a way to kill a few hundred calories by exploring the ruins.
  • Go Vegetarian: Italy is bursting with fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in phytonutrients and flavor. From eggplant to tomato to kale, every region has their own vegetarian dishes that they specialize in.
  • Enjoy a Glass of Chianti in Wine Country: Italian wine is among the best in the world and a crucial component to any Italian vacation. Wine is actually good for you in moderation, so feel free to sip on a glass while gazing out at the beautiful countryside.

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