Top 10 Most Scenic Skydiving Destinations


Aside from the sense of thrill and adrenaline rush that may develop, there are countless reasons as to why someone should go skydiving, including health benefits.  Skydivers have described that the experience gives them a sense of freedom from any stress or any thought that may have lingered in their heads before.  Also, bragging rights to fellow friends is also a reason to partake in this adventure of a lifetime.  However, the view during the dive ranks as one of the most important decisions made before skydiving.  Everyone wants something extraordinary to look at so that the memory of the marvelous backdrop will be imprinted in their memory forever. There are various destinations to skydive around the world, however, not all of them have the scenic view that a true diver may crave.  So we did the work for you! Here are the top 10 most scenic skydiving spots in the world:


Interlaken, Switzerland



Sitting at the base of the Swiss Alps and in between Alpine lakes Thun and Brienz, skydiving in Interlaken has been rated as one of the most extraordinary locations to skydive.  Skydiving in Interlaken offers drops from either helicopter or plane and is noted to be one of the more affordable places to skydive while also allowing visitors to engage in other adventurous activities.  Skydiving in Interlaken allows divers to float over frosted mountain tops, deep blue lakes, waterfalls, valleys and villages giving visitors a remarkable view that is hard to forget.

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Palm Jumeirah

Dubai is quickly climbing to the top of the list for the most scenic places to skydive.  Ranking as number two, Dubai is praised by divers for the breathtaking view of the man-made peninsula extending out into the Persian Gulf. Dubai also houses one of the biggest international skydiving championships in the city-based area.  Skydive Dubai offers helicopter drops with a generous drop zone with an area size of 260,000m allowing divers to view the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa.  After the adrenaline rush of the dive, visitors can also plunge in Arabian sea and enjoy the live night life that Dubai has to offer.

Mount Everest, Nepal

Top of the World

Claimed as the “holy grail” of places to skydive by dedicated skydivers, Mount Everest offers landing from the highest drop zone in the world measuring at 12,350ft.  Mount Everest can be known as the ultimate diving experience, however, it costs  a pretty penny to venture over this side of the Himalayas and bookings are done six months in advance.  Pricing at nearly $20,000 to dive, Mount Everest is definitely one of the most lavish places to skydive and may be reserved for for those who are looking to bring in their bucket list with a grand finale.

Wollongong, Sydney, Australia

Waves smash against the rocks at Coledale

Aside from the thrill and adrenaline rush of falling through the sky for nearly 14,000ft, the view is the most important element of skydiving.  Wollongong offers a miraculous view of the Australian coastline and also a full view of Sydney.  What better drop zone is there than on the beach?  Skydiving in Wollongong allows for divers to land directly on the beach with the option to take a refreshing swim afterwards.  While plummeting divers also may get the rare view of whales or dolphins swimming below in the water off the coastline.


Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Meltwater pool at Fox Glacier

With New Zealand being ranked as one of the most adventurous capitals of the world, Fox Glacier is naturally an ideal place to skydive.  With the Franz Josef Glaicer, the Tasman sea and various lakes, Fox Glacier divers get a view of the 8-mile long glacier and the pure beauty of a dazzling landscape.  Located on the West Coast of New, Zealand’s south island, diving instructors ensure that divers receive the adventure of a lifetime without breaking any pockets.

Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa

Victoria Falls seen from above, Zimbabwe

Everyone loves a view of a sparkling waterfall making Victoria Falls an obvious choice to skydive. This unique spot gives divers a chance to view the world’s largest and tallest waterfall located on the Zambezi River.  With a lengthy dive of 25-minutes, divers get the chance to have an exclusive view of the waterfall, up close and personal, and may even be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of a rainbow.


Honolulu seen from Diamond Head Crater - Hawaii, USA

Notably,there is no designated location in Hawaii to choose to skydive because skydiving here allows for a view of the entire island. Looking forward to viewing Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Kaena Point and many more legendary sights in Hawaii, divers also get a chance to reduce their carbon footprint by flying in energy efficient planes.  Skydiving anywhere in Hawaii from Wailua to O’aha, divers free-fall from 13,000ft taking with the bona fide view of rain forests, mountains, and crystal waters from the clear blue Hawaiian sky.

Namib Desert, Namibia, Africa

Namib Splendour

Although a desert does not seem like the ideal view to enjoy while skydiving, past divers have claimed that the tan sand dunes vacant of any wild-life makes Namib desert a unique experience.  The scenery from the sky has been described as a dream-like and striking view.  Divers are able to see the intricate and compelling patterns that have been made in the sand from the dunes and also see the expansion of the never-ending African sky.  Diving tandem 10,000ft through the sky offers an exclusive experience that skydivers will never forget.

Queenstown, New Zealand

aerial view Queenstown downtown skyscraper

Also located on the south island of New Zealand, Queenstown houses the first profitable skydiving company in New Zealand.  Divers are taken up into the Queenstown sky known as Ranginui or the Maori Sky God and dropped with the chance of viewing the Remarkable’s mountain range which is surrounded by volcanoes, mud pools, and steamy lakes.

Santa Barbara, California

Scenic Skydiving- Santa Barbara

Being North America’s highest Tandem skydiving location, Santa Barbara is an ideal place for many to partake in and one of the most scenic skydiving locations out there.  Offering a picturesque layout of the Pacific Ocean and the California coast line, Santa Barbara is a great choice for first-time skydivers dropping them from 18,000ft high and allowing them to enjoy one of the most breathtaking views they may ever experience.

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