Top 10 Pre-Workout Foods


Being active and fit is a large component of health- combined with nutrition, it can change your life!  Samir Becic and his Health Fitness Revolution team recommends eating something 1 hour before your workout to get more energy and more out of your workout.  Here is our list of Top 10 Pre-Workout Foods:

  • A whole-wheat bagel with Honey:  Simple carbs burn quickly, like paper, while complex carbs burn like wood and take a little longer to provide energy.  A snack like this before a workout provides both types of carbs- which is a great way to fuel your workout from start to finish.
  • Fruit Smoothie:  Fruit smoothies are high in carbohydrates and high-quality protein. They’re easy to consume and are rapidly digested- we recommended blending 1/2 cup of frozen fruits with 1/2 cup of greek yogurt, some protein powder, and 1/2 cup of almond milk. Because protein doesn’t break down fast enough to become fuel for a workout, the carbs from fruit break down quickly and the protein is used later to prevent muscle damage.
  • Oatmeal:  Oats: Oats are full of fiber, which means they gradually release carbohydrates into your bloodstream.  This steady stream keeps your energy levels consistent during your workout. Oats also contain B vitamins, which help convert carbohydrates into energy.

  • Bananas:  Bananas are loaded with digestible carbohydrates (AKA Fuel) and are packed with potassium, which aids in maintaining nerve and muscle function.
  • Turkey Sandwich on Whole Wheat Bread: Turkey meat actually contains a lot of protein, which works as a fuel for your body, fuel that is essential for your upcoming workout. Since you are eating your turkey as part of a sandwich instead of by itself, you also pick up the benefits of the carbohydrate-heavy bread that you use.

  • Peanut Butter on an Apple: There’s a good mix of natural sugars, plus the protein and good fats from the peanut butter lower the snack’s effect on your blood sugar. Because there’s a slower release of sugars into your bloodstream, you can keep going harder for longer in your workout.
  • Berries: The less time you have before your workout, the more carb – and less protein – you should eat. Protein intake too close to a workout may lead to stomach cramps and indigestion. A handful of berries provides simple carbs (digested in the small intestine, rather than the stomach) that offer instant energy, and berries are full of antioxidants.
  • Grapes:  The skin of grapes helps boost the body’s nitric oxide level, expanding blood vessels for a better workout.

  • Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt contains substantial protein and carbs, and less sugar than the regular yogurt. It’s also easy on the tummy before intense activity or bouncing exercises. Add fruit, honey, or whole-grain cereal for an extra energy kick.
  • Legumes: Beans and lentils contain high amounts of protein and complex carbs—good sources of slow-release energy.  This makes them ideal for longer workouts. Legumes can cause gas pains, so keep the portions small.

  • Bread with Cheese or Egg: A slice of whole-wheat bread with low-fat cheese, is easy on the stomach and provides protein and slow-release carbs. Or, as an alternative, top toast with scrambled egg whites for a boost of protein.

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