Top 10 Unhealthy Fashion Trends


There are many trends in fashion that may leave you much worse off than if you didn’t include them in your life at all. Is your lipstick trying to take your life? Here are the top ten outrageous rages that are terrible for your health:

  • High Heels The higher the heel; the more of your weight is placed on the balls of your feet. This can lead to pain, ankle injuries, and spinal issues. There is also research that verifies that stilettos alter the structure of muscles and tendons. Try opting for shorter pumps or elegant flats! 
  • Waist Training Along with pain, there is a decrease in lung capacity, restriction of movement, and according to some medical doctors, prolonged wearing of a waist trainer could also decrease your core strength. If you want to shed some extra weight from your midsection, ditch the corset and stick to eating nutritious foods and staying active. It may not be as trendy, but it’s healthier and effective!
  • Cosmetic Surgery Going under the knife for the sake of beauty already seems extreme, however the attraction perseveres. There can be some extremely dangerous procedures that make this one of the unhealthiest trends in fashion. There have been cases where implants placed in the breasts or buttocks have burst open, and Botox injections can cause the muscles in the face to become permanently paralyzed.

  • Color Contact Lenses If you can purchase these lenses without a prescription from a doctor, they may not be safe to put in your eyes at all. These contact lenses can cause blindness, decreased vision, scratches on the cornea, and pink eye. Always seek the advice and counsel of proper sanitation and care from a specialist.
  • Indoor Tanning Salons The Center for Disease Control states that this detrimental fad can cause skin cancers such as: melanoma, basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. The exposure to UV radiations can also cause cataracts and eye cancers like ocular melanoma. Your skin can age prematurely, wrinkle, and acquire age spots from this as well. It also changes the texture of your skin and could blind you if you do not properly protect your eyes. So skip the salon, lather on some SPF 30 sunscreen, and hit the beach for a natural sun kissed tan!
  • Toxic Makeup It’s surprising how many cosmetics contain poisonous substances such as lead, cadmium, aluminum, and chromium. Researchers at University of California – Berkeley have found large amounts of these toxins in 75% of lipstick samples tested! Every time you apply them and lick your lips, you are ingesting toxins and they’re seeping into your pores. It is known that cadmium causes cancer, and has been found in many breast cancer biopsies. Chromium, another deadly compound found in the study, has been associated with stomach cancer diagnoses as well. Exposure to lead can cause personality changes, a decrease in IQ and irreversible damage to your brain cells. Aluminum has also been proven to cause osteoporosis, anemia, and even Alzheimer’s, among other diseases. Check out the FDA’s list of the worst culprits here.
  • Skinny Jeans Wearing restrictive clothing has been proven harmful since it restricts essential blood flow. In men, skinny jeans can lead to testicular torsion, a painful condition in which the pressure cuts off circulation and can cause loss of the testicle. Your skinnies could be constricting the sensory nerve in your pelvis too. If you have persistent thigh numbness that travels down your leg, or meralgia parasthetica, it could cause permanent damage, explains Dr. Nicholas Morrissey. Many people are suffering “tight pants syndrome”, characterized by abdominal discomfort, belching, heartburn, and other digestive problems.
  • Heavy Purses Hoarding around a heavy bag can lead to head, neck, shoulder pain that could land you in the chiropractic office. You’re better off choosing a cute clutch or wallet and keeping unnecessary belongings at home. Do you really need to carry 3 different tubes of lotion?

  • Flip-Flops Some shoe wear such as flip-flops and flats may not be providing an adequate amount support for the soles of your feet. You may need to purchase arch-supporting insoles to insert into flats, sandals, or tennis shoes that are lacking, or toss them all together!
  • Piercings Studies show that 20% of body piercings have resulted in bacterial infections. Ensuring that a professional performs a body piercing and proper aftercare is so crucial. Infections can spread to the blood and to the entire body and become fatal if untreated, and if piercings do not heal properly, scar tissue can form and skin may never return to its original state. Scar tissue that develops from nipple piercings can also limit the ability to breast feed later on.

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