World Cup 2018 Match by Match Physical Fitness Analysis by Samir Becic


Harper Collins author of the fitness book ReSYNC Your Life, founder of Health Fitness Revolution and 4 times Number 1 fitness trainer in America, Samir Becic, is comparing each world cup team on their fitness after each game match up.

Samir has been comparing the teams on their physical strength after each match and is publishing the results on this page. Samir has created a unique mathematical formula that will be based on judging several different fitness components that were measured in previous games. This does not mean that each teams fitness level will remain the same throughout the tournament, each game will fluctuate based on performance.

Fitness expert Samir Becic will analyze each teams fitness level before their matches

Samir is the first fitness expert to analyze each country based on their fitness level in the World Cup 2018.

Here are up to date analyses:

  • Portugal vs. Iran Fitness Analysis: This was the toughest game to judge from a fitness comparison standpoint. Throughout the game, Portugal and Iran had some moments when they were fitter than the other team in terms of agility, cardio, mobility, coordination, and team unity but never more than +/- 5%.As a European (probably the only one who does not watch soccer) I didn’t have a clue that Iranians were so good at football/soccer! Strength wise, both teams were good, slight¬†advantage to Iran. Cardio wise, both teams were good. Coordination wise both teams were exceptional, slight advantage to Portugal. Team synergy and overall energy, both teams were exceptional.

    Even though as a European, I would like to give a slight advantage to Portugal, but my professional ethics obligates me to give both teams two thumbs up in regards to physical fitness.
  • France vs. Denmark fitness analysis: Both teams didn’t display the fitness abilities that I believe they have. Cardio, mobility, coordination, strength, and team synergy were +/- 5% throughout most of the game and during a few occasions, 10%.The reason for this cautious behavior is because both teams know that they have been qualified for the next round of the World Cup and therefore probably wanted to minimize their injury risk, conserve energy, and avoid yellow and red cards.

    Both teams will need to step up their fitness tremendously in the next round! However, analyzing each player individually, I saw some very fit ones on both teams.

  • Argentina vs. Nigeria: Both teams had decent physical preparation but seeing the other teams playing, I would give them both a B grade in physical fitness. The Argentinians had 10-15% better coordination and agility. The Nigerians were at least 10% physically stronger. General cardio was good on both teams, slight advantage to Argentina. I would recommend the Argentinian team to work on their physical strength.
  • Croatia vs. Iceland: The Croatians probably saved their energy and didn’t play as aggressively on fitness as I have seen in previous games because they had already qualified for the next round. Regardless, it was obvious that their physical preparation is among the top 3 so far. Strength-wise both teams were good. Cardio-wise, both teams were pretty equal +/-5%. Coordination, slight advantage to Croatia. Agility, slight advantage Croatia. Both teams displayed equal amounts of energy. Again, based on the 3 previous games, the Croatians are showing fitness levels that are superior to over 90% of the teams.

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