World Cup Match by Match Fitness Comparison by Samir


Harper Collins author of the fitness book ReSYNC Your Life, founder of Health Fitness Revolution and 4 times Number 1 fitness trainer in America, Samir Becic, is comparing each world cup team on their fitness for each game match up.

According to Samir, “The Colombian national team had approximately 25% better cardio fitness, 25% greater agility, 20% better coordination, and 15% more mental drive than the Polish team. On the physical strength aspect, the Polish were approximately 15% stronger. Combined together, the Colombians had an overall 20% better fitness level on average than the Polish team, which I think contributed tremendously to their victory.”

Starting Wednesday, June 27th, Samir will compare teams on their physical strength before each match and will publish the results on HFR Magazine. Samir has created a unique mathematical formula that will be based on judging several different fitness components that were measured in previous games. This does not mean that each teams fitness level will remain the same throughout the tournament, each game will fluctuate based on previous performance.

Fitness expert Samir Becic will analyze each teams fitness level before their matches

Samir is the first fitness expert to analyze each country before each match and compare them based on fitness level in the World Cup 2018.

The matches Samir will analyze based on the fitness level of the teams in Round of 16 will be:

Saturday, June 27th:

France vs. Argentina

Uruguay vs. Portugal

Sunday, June 28th:

Spain vs. Russia

Croatia vs. Denmark





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