Zoran Milanovic Fitness Profile


Between long days dealing with bureaucrats and the stress of running a country, politicians face an uphill battle when it comes to staying healthy. Even though they have to lift up the weight of the world, these politicians somehow found a way to stay healthy. Which is great, because as public figures they have a huge amount of influence on the healthy of their country.

Zoran Milanovic is a politician who has managed to stay healthy and fit, and promotes fitness in Croatia. Below is their fitness profile:

Prime Minister of Croatia

  • He trained in soccer, basketball and boxing
  • His wife Sanja Music Milanovic is a strong supporter of healthy nutrition and fitness in Croatia.
  • He jumped from the top of an armored vehicle and did not injure himself, standing up immediately after
  • He was a strong contender for fittest heads of state, but because we could not find much information on him motivating his people to live a healthy lifestyle (one of our main criteria), he is in our honorable mention.
  • From the Western Balkan region, there are a few other names that deserve mention: Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar, Montenegro Prime Minister Milo Dukanovic, and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.
  • Honorable Mention in our Fittest Heads of State 2015

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