Fun Active Things to Try This Summer


With the temperatures rising, the sun shining, the kids out of school, and fun in the air, it’s time to try some new activities! Health Fitness Revolution always advocates remaining active, so these activities are out of the ordinary, fun, and definitely burn calories:

  • Paint balling: we know there is nothing quite like the adrenalin-pumping fun of being chased around the woods by your friends threatening you with bruises.  All that running and army crawling will torch tons of calories too! Just play fair and follow the rules!
  • Trampolining: you could put one in your backyard, or you could visit a giant indoor trampoline park!  Spending hours literally jumping off the walls in a nice cushioned environment where you don’t have to worry about tripping into the springs, flipping over backwards, or jumping too high- and its a great activity to be done with kids and friends.
  • Mud Run: Whether it’s a national scale big deal race, an all girls event, or a local run for charity, it’s a fun run that will push you to train harder and even join a team with friends.
  • Paddle Boarding: Using a board similar to a surf board you stand and paddle providing a great core and arms workout!
  • Dodgeball: One of our favorite activities, and the rules are so simple anyone can join in!
  • Hiking:  walking, not in a town or city, but out in the wilderness, up mountains, round lakes, through forests, pretty much anywhere there isn’t tarmac. Hiking is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of our surroundings and native wildlife, and it’s free- making it a top summer activity and ideal for a day away.
  • Kayaking:  Kayaking or Canoeing is an activity that can be active and adrenaline filled, or as relaxing as you like, and so is suitable for all that don’t mind getting a bit wet now and then. It can either be done in the ocean or even inland.
  • Mowing: Did you know that half an hour mowing the lawn will burn over 200 calories!
  • Swimming:  Backstroke, Breast Stroke, Butterfly, Freestyle and even Doggy Paddle, in indoor pools, outdoor pools, rivers or in the sea. Wherever and however you choose to swim you’ll be getting a full body workout, raising your heart rate and toning your muscles, making swimming the best physical summer activity in our alphabet.
  • Ultimate Frisbee: is a non-contact sport played with a… Frisbee. The aim of the game is to get the Frisbee into your opponents’ end zone much like in American Football, you have 7 players on each team, it is non-contact and you can’t run with the Frisbee.


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