9 Healthy Girls Night Ideas (In or Out)


For all our beautiful and strong ladies out there working long, hard hours… take a day off and pamper yourself with your girlfriends! We all deserve a fun and relaxing time off from all our obligations, and what better way to do so than with your girls? We’ve listed a few fun and healthy activities that you can all enjoy on the next girl’s night or day off.

Wine & Cheese Night – Ladies, grab your favorite bottle of wine to share with your favorite girls. Drinking a moderate consumption of wine can have many health benefits such as reduced stress, increased bone strength, and improved mental health. Pairing your wine with salami and cheese will be the icing on the cake for your girl’s night because cheese provides calcium and protein your body needs.

As tasty as cheese is, make sure you limit your consumption because it has high fat. Here are some low-calorie cheese options you can try:

  • Parmesan 20 calories
  • Fresh Mozzarella 70 calories
  • Goat Cheese 75 calories
  • Camembert 85 calories
  • Swiss Cheese 100 calories

Check out our list of Perfect Wine & Cheese Pairing & Top 10 Healthiest Cheeses.

Lastly, pair your cheese with some tasty berries like Strawberries, Blackberries, or Raspberries because they contain antioxidants that prevent and control stress.

Pole & Aerial Aerobics – Pole and aerial aerobics classes are a fun and exciting way to work out your body muscles. Both pole and aerial aerobics work out your upper and lower body muscles. Serena Williams uses pole aerobics as part of her workout routine to enhance her skills on the tennis court. These classes are great to mix some fun and sweat together while hanging out with your girls.

Yoga – Tell your girls to grab their mats and come over for some nice relaxation and meditation through yoga. Yoga is a great exercise and tool to stimulate your mental health and reduce any stress that has built up. Yoga can be done with or without music, but most importantly at home with a group of your friends. What are you waiting for? Get your ladies together and try some of these yoga poses to release that stress.

Zumba – Bust out those dance moves, ladies! Hit the gym and attend a zumba class. It’s a fun and interactive way to spend time with the girls in your life while also getting a good sweat at the same time. Whether you’re a dancer or not, it’s a great way to have a few fun laughs while moving to the rhythm of the music. It’s also a great alternative to working out if you can’t hit the gym.

Spa day – It’s time to relax! Take a day off and hit the spa because you ladies deserve to be pampered! A massage, manicure, or facial with the girls can do a lot of justice and relieve you of those long stressful days. You’ll walk out feeling like a brand new woman ready to tackle the world again.

Spin Class – Get the girls together and take a spin class! But be prepared to do some work! It’s another great way to get active. Cycling works out your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and core. So if you and the girls want to sweat but also work out to look great, this is the activity for you to push yourself and each other! If you would rather cycle outdoors, you can also pull out your bikes and ride on a trail in the park together to enjoy the weather.

Pilates – If you and your girls are looking for a healthy and fun activity, try taking a pilates class or at home from a tutorial! There are many health benefits and it’s a great way to work out your core and flexibility too!

Outdoor picnic/brunch – A picnic is great way to relax, breathe in some fresh air, and cook up your favorite healthy meal to share with your girls. If you do not feel like cooking, then a great restaurant with an outside patio will do the job. A picnic or brunch gathering is a great way to catch up on the latest news with your girls. While outside you can soak up some natural vitamin D from the sun, which is beneficial to healthy bones and regulation of calcium.

Craft Night – Pull out all your supplies, your creative mind, and get crafty! Whether it’s painting pottery, knitting, painting mini canvases, or making jewelry, you and the girls can enjoy a great time getting your creative juices flowing while jamming to some music and talking about the latest news or TV shows.

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