Houston Icon Dominique Sachse Releases New Book

Credit: Dominique Sachse Instagram

In Houston’s TV industry, there are few faces as recognizable as Dominique Sachses’, who became a household name from delivering breaking news headlines for 28 years on KPRC. These days, she has a super-popular YouTube channel with almost 2 million subscribers and just released a book that she’s been working on since 2018 “Life Makeover: Embrace the Bold, Beautiful, and Blessed You“. The book has been received with rave reviews and has made USA Today’s national best-seller list.

Dominique has said that all women can really benefit from reading about her experiences “It could really be women at any point or phase in their lives when they just don’t feel like they are happy with themselves.” She emphasizes “The whole point is that we can hit the reset button.”

Sachse stresses the importance of self-care and looking deeper into yourself- that as women, one of our best investments is in ourselves.

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In the pages of this book, Sachse offers a vulnerable look into her own mistakes and imperfections and explains how making over her outward appearance resulted in a happier and healthier version of herself—emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Filled with confidence-boosting wisdom about cultivating rest and lifegiving hobbies, Sachse shows you:

  • how making small changes to your outward appearance can be a pathway to building confidence and making other new transformations in your life
  • practical tips about hair, makeup, and fashion from an expert
  • the benefits of taking bold risks – your life is too valuable to be left on autopilot 
  • how to analyze your past and see where you self-sabotaged, and look for traits that served you well and can serve you in the future

Sachse knows no amount of makeup can compare to the look of a confident, classy, and kind woman, and that there’s nothing like the glow that comes from inner beauty. It’s time to discover—or rediscover—who you really are and live your life to the fullest.

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