How Prince Harry and British Royalty Stay Fit…


The British royals consistently make our Fittest Royals in the World lists- so keep on reading to find out what they do to keep slim, trim, and energetic! Here is some fitness inspiration from the British Royal Guests attending the Royal Wedding…

“These fit royals are great trend setters for the new generation in terms of healthy lifestyle. I am impressed with royals all over the world for their conscious contributions to healthy lifestyle. They are participating in the world of the 21st century, where active lifestyle plays a crucial role in world health.” says HFR founder and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic.

Prince Harry David 


  • Captain in the British Army Air Corps
  • According to the British military’s guidebook for physical training, Harry’s position requires a rigorous fitness routine
  • Receives personal training sessions at a public gym
  • Enjoys sports such as rugby union, polo, and skiing
  • Has a trainer
  • Does a mixture of circuit training, boxing, and cardio

Prince William Louis 


  • Prince William works for the Royal Air Force flying Sea King search and rescue helicopters. He performs his duty as any RAF pilot should, with professionalism and total dedication to the job. This includes eating a healthy diet and staying very fit.
  • While at school and college Prince William played several sports, including soccer (he was captain of his house team at Eton College), swimming, basketball, cross country running and water polo.
  • In 2004 while studying at St. Andrews University he represented the Scottish National Universities Water Polo Team during the Celtic Nations championships. His codename was Steve during the tournament, and the press never caught on to the fact that he was Prince William of Wales.
  • He is always active, both in work and in leisure. He does not spend his days sitting at a desk and his evenings sitting in front of the television. He has access to healthy food, and his work and royal commitments means that he has the motivation to stay in great shape.

Queen Elizabeth 

queen elizabeth fittest heads of state over 70

  • 2018 marks the 66th year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, making her the oldest monarch in British history.
  • The Queen’s longevity is due in part to her careful diet. She eschews genetically modified food and instead opts for more season fair, eating the fresh fruits and vegetables of the season. She also stays away from starchy foods like pasta.
  • Regular exercise has been a part of the Queen’s daily schedule for decades. She keeps her body strong through aerobic exercise, walking with her corgis, and riding horses.

Prince Charles George 


  • Convinced his parents to begin eating organic
  • Known for being very active
  • Has served in both the navy and air force and trained as a jet pilot.  In order the qualify for this position, one must be extremely healthy and fit.
  • He is an avid polo player, hikes, and has a regular fitness regimen.
  • He recently was asking the National Welsh Rugby team for training advice, to help him be even more fit.
  • He has been known to do push-ups and crunches before bed.
  • He was honorary mention on Top 13 Fittest Heads of State

Princess Beatrice Mary 


  • Lost 30 pounds in 2012 by running and following a low-calorie diet
  • Spent most of her teen years heavier than recommended
  • After an unflattering bikini picture surfaced of her and she got many nasty comments, she decided to embark on a journey of health and fitness
  • Hired a trainer and began working out an hour a day- often outdoors in a park
  • Squats and lunges
  • Boxing
  • Does not believe in fad dieting, but rather sticks to consuming a healthy diet longterm
  • Competed in the National Lottery Olympic Park Run
  • Ran a marathon
  • Hikes
  • Bikes
  • Swims
  • Surfs

Princess Anne Louis


  • Known for her equestrian talents
  • First member of the British Royal Family to compete in the Olympic Games
  • She is a British representative in the International Olympic Committee as an administrator

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