Samir Breaks Own Record With A 3 Mile Walk in 150lbs

samir becic walk

Samir once again pushed his weighted vest campaign to a new level with a 3 mile walk in a 150lb vest. His latest hike topped his previous effort, in which he took a 3 mile walk while wearing 120lbs. With the added weight, he mimicked the struggle of walking as someone who weighs over 500lbs.

Samir began the weighted vest challenge over 1 month ago to raise awareness about the obesity epidemic in the United States. With the election date nearing, neither candidate has addressed preventative medicine. While both have a lot to say about insurance plans, little is being done to promote healthy lifestyle, which can prevent 70% of known diseases.

That’s why Samir has taken it (and 150lbs) upon himself to raise awareness about the issue. Currently 34% of Americans are obese and 6% are extremely obese, which cuts an estimated 6 1/2 years off their life. Samir hopes to encourage and motivate people in this  classification that physical exercise is still possible.

“Just walk. Drink lots of water. Take lots of breaks.” He advised to a Facebook Live audience on his loop around Memorial Park. The walk started out with grey fog appropriate for Halloween, but it was bright and sunny by the end. Watch the whole walk below and follow Samir’s Facebook page for more updates.

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