Top 10 Healthiest Bosnian Dishes at Sarajevo Film Festival


As you feast your eyes on the latest artistic pieces at the Sarajevo Film Festival, getting in your nutrients in a region you’re not familiar with can be difficult, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina where east meets west and diversity and culture mix in its own particular melting pot. That’s why HFR came up with 10 (plus one for an honorary mention!) healthiest Bosnian dishes you can eat in BiH without sacrificing nutritional health!

Healthiest Bosnian Dishes

GüveçGüveç – A classic Bosnian dish, güveç is an oven-baked stew filled with fresh vegetables and juicy meats. It is often made with pork or lamb, but is also sometimes made with chicken or without meat. There are a variety of vegetables that could be baked into the dish, but they frequently include onion, tomato, zucchini, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and so forth. It is flavored with a medley of herbs and spices, primarily paprika. It is flavorful, juicy, and deliciously rich. Because güveç has such a high vegetable content and includes no gluten or dairy, it is a perfect example of healthy Bosnian cuisine and is a must-try at any restaurant in Sarajevo.

pecena_pastrmkaPastrmka (trout) – Fish is a great source of your daily protein intake, but much lighter than other proteins, such as beef or lamb. When you order pastrmka in Bosnia, you are in for a treat to the tastebuds and the soul. With omega-3 fatty acids and low-fat content, your body will be sure to thank you later.


Sarajevski sahanSarajevski sahan – This traditional Bosnian dish consists of hollowed-out vegetables stuffed with rice and various meats. This dish varies depending on where you order it from but never fails to delight. Because the dish is based on vegetables, it is much healthier than much of the other food you will encounter in Sarajevo, and it will fill you with the vitamins and lean carbohydrates that you need to fuel your body throughout the day. Eat up!

domaca-pileca-supa-novaPileća supa with griz dumplings – Chicken soup is a basic staple in cuisine from all over the world and is sure to please. In traditional Bosnian style, griz dumplings are added into the chicken broth based soup with carrots, celery, onion, and herbs. Griz is a wheat flour that is grainy, natural, and absolutely delicious. Melt-in-your-mouth yum! Order this dish at a Bosnian restaurant while you’re in Sarajevo and you will get a taste of traditional cuisine without all those unnecessary extra calories.

Pearl barley juhaPearl barley juha – This broth-based soup, rich with grains and vegetables is both delicious and nutritious. Barley is particularly good for you due to its vitamin content. With vegetables in the mix as well, you will get a heaping nutrient intake that should cover you for the whole day.



Tavë-me-bamjeBamje – Bamje is a flavorful okra stew local to the Balkan region. The stew is often vegetable-based, making it a healthy option. This dish does not have a universal recipe, but rather is specialized differently depending on where you find it. The stew always includes okra, but often includes red meat and a variety of vegetables as well. This dish is a great way to experience traditional cuisine while still keeping at your healthy lifestyle!

SatarašSataraš – Sataraš is a delightful dish, often served as a side at restaurants in the Sarajevo area. It is a light, juicy mix of vegetables slow-cooked on the stove. A perfect vegetarian option, order this dish and you are sure to be satisfied.

torshiTorshi – If you like pickles, you’ll love torshi. Torshi is the Balkan take on pickled vegetables. There are many varieties of torshi that include different mixes of veggies, but they all have a similar, salty flavor that is so satisfying. This dish makes a perfect snack or appetizer to put some extra flavor in your Bosnian trip.


Grah sa zeljemGrah sa zeljem – A bean and sauerkraut soup, grah is an acquired taste. But to those who have acquired this taste, it is totally yum. This dish is protein rich and is very satisfying if you’ve been walking around all day visiting the city. Give it a try, it won’t disappoint.


tumblr_m2mw5rB8Qt1ru2f7zo1_400Brudet – This one goes out to all the seafood-lovers out there! A tomato-based, brothy, light soup filled with whatever seafood is local to the area, brudet is an absolute crowd-pleaser. One of the reasons why people around the world praise Bosnian cuisine is that it tastes so fresh. Brudet is a perfect example of this freshness. It tastes just as good as it is for you.


Honorary Mention:

bosanski_lonac_05Bosanski lonac – Called “Bosnian pot” by English-speakers in the region, this dish is a go-to if you want to experience traditional Bosnian cuisine. A blend of spices in tandem with meat and lots of vegetables makes this dish unique. The majority of the bulk of this dish is vegetables, so it is a nutritious choice. Bosanski lonac is a must-try!


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