Top 10 Healthy Guys Night (In or Out) Ideas


If you and your boys are having trouble finding things to do, we have a few great fun and healthy activities for a night out with the guys. While the ladies have a night out, you should have your own night out, too! We all deserve some quality time with the guys, so here are a few activities you can do together! Check out our Healthy Girls Night Ideas too!

  • Poker Night & Pool – Some of us love a good poker game or game of pool, so maybe taking a trip to the casino or the pool hall with the guys would be a good idea. Playing poker has its own health benefits believe it or not, and we have some health tips for poker players to match! Shooting some pool is also another fun and competitive way to enjoy your time together. If you’re looking to improve your pool game we have a few pointers to help!

  • Basketball – Everyone loves a good game of basketball so get those jerseys and kicks on and hit the court with your team! Ball is life for some of us, and it’s a great way to sweat and get that extra cardio in! Don’t forget to check out our article on the Top 10 health benefits of basketball!

  • Paintball – We all love a good game of Call of Duty, but instead of hitting the video games at home, take it to the field with your own game of paintball! Not only is it a competitive battle between teams, but it’s also another healthy and beneficial way to get active! To help you improve your paintball game strategy, we also have a few tips you might want to try out when you venture into the field with your bros!
  • Shooting Range – Practice on your accuracy and precision at the shooting range! Make it a fun little competition on who can get the target first. Whether you shoot at an indoor or outdoor shooting range, it’s important to be safe as well! Wear your protective gear! You can also check out our article on the Top 10 Health Benefits of Going to a Shooting Range!

  • Bowling – It’s time to see who can get the highest score and knock down the most pins with a game of bowling! It’s a great way to kick it with the boys and also very beneficial to your health. So turn on your spin hand!

  • Hiking – Take a day trip and go on a hiking trail with the guys! It’s a healthy way to bring out your inner adventurer and take in nature’s beauty. Hiking a few miles will help you break a sweat while testing your manly strength and instincts. We also made a list of the Top U.S. Hiking Destinations for you to check out for your next hiking trip with the boys!

  • Fishing – If you’re looking for a nice and relaxing activity to do, pick up your fishing rods and set sail to your nearest pond, river, lake, or ocean! Fishing is a great and healthy way to give yourself some time off and bond with the guys. Plus you might even catch some good fish to fry for dinner!

  • Camping – Take a mini camping trip out into the wilderness with the boys. It’s a nice way to relax, enjoy the weather and scenery, and catch up on stories with one another. There are many great health benefits that come with enjoying the wilderness in the mountains.

  • Ultimate Frisbee – Ultimate Frisbee is a fun field activity to play on a nice sunny day at the park. You can even bring your dogs and play catch together with man’s best friend if you want! Don’t forget to check out our article on the health benefits of playing Ultimate Frisbee!

  • Football – Everyone loves a great game of football! Whether you and the bros are just passing it around, or playing flag or tackle football, it’s an overall great way to get into teams and show off your agility and muscle. Like any other sport, playing football has its own great benefits as well!

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