Top 10 Super Bowl 50 Facts


Yes, you read that right. It is Super Bowl 50, not Super Bowl L. The Super Bowl is ditching the roman numerals this year for the first time ever, and thats just one of the surprising pieces of information you might want to know before the big game. We’ve rounded up a few other interesting facts to give you conversation pieces at your viewing party. Oh, and since this is Health Fitness Revolution, we do urge you to at least think about bringing some healthy snacks to the Smörgåsbord. Hummus, carrots, sparkling water, that kind of stuff. If not, check back Monday for plenty of health tips. Here’s the list of top 10 Super Bowl 50 facts:

  1. Beyonce will make an appearance at half time, but Coldplay are the main attraction.
  2. The Fall of Rome: Super Bowl 50 will be the first Super Bowl to ditch the roman numerals.
  3. The odds of a Broncos versus Colts Super Bowl were an infinitesimal 184/1 before the start of the season. Still better than Powerball odds.
  4. At 39, Peyton Manning will be the oldest Quarterback to start in a Super Bowl.
  5. This will be the first Super Bowl starring two quarterbacks that were #1 overall draft picks.
  6. Panther’s QB Cam Newton is one win away from being the first player to win a Heisman Trophy, Associated Press NFL MVP, National Champion, and Super Bowl. Now that’s impressive.
  7. More than 1/3 of the country tuned into watch last year’s Super Bowl. Even more saw Katy Perry and the Left Shark, who drew 118 Million viewers.  Oh, and apparently the Left Shark’s low-energy performance was a shrewdly calculated move.
  8. On Super Bowl Sunday, Americans will drink 325.5 million gallons of beer and devour 1.25 billion chicken wings. Behind Thanksgiving, Super Bowl is the biggest day for food consumption of the year. So not healthy. Make sure to visit Health Fitness Revolution to find some recovery tips come Monday.
  9. This year’s commercials are the most expensive ever. It costs $5 million for a 30 second spot. Tickets to the big game aren’t cheap, either. $6,500 is the lowest you’ll pay to get in.
  10. The Super Bowl will be broadcast in over 34 languages.

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